New Features

Tablestore - Supports Real-time Synchronization of MySQL Data by Using DTS

Jul 02 2020

Tablestore allows you to synchronize MySQL data in real time by using Data Transmission Service (DTS). You can configure the full or incremental mode to synchronize data.

Target customers: customers who need to implement separation from MySQL. Examples: Scenarios that involve historical orders: You can push down historical orders from MySQL to Tablestore to provide queries of historical data. Scenarios that involve e-commerce, finance, social media, and gaming. Released features: Tablestore is a multi-model data storage service that is developed by Alibaba Cloud. Tablestore can store a large amount of structured data and supports fast query and analysis. You can synchronize data from a MySQL database such as user-created MySQL or ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL to a Tablestore instance by using DTS. This way, you can transfer and analyze data with ease.

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