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MaxCompute - Supports Materialized Views in MaxCompute SQL

Aug 06 2021

MaxCompute SQL supports materialized views and allows you to manually update materialized views and use materialized views to rewrite queries.

Target customers: developers, analysts, and users who want to improve query efficiency by calculating and storing query results in advance. Features released: MaxCompute SQL allows you to use materialized views. A materialized view is a database object that stores the pre-calculation results of a time-consuming query, such as JOIN or AGGREGATE. You can directly reuse the results when you want to perform the query. This way, the query speed is accelerated. You can use materialized views in the following scenarios: 1. The query mode is fixed and the execution frequency is high. 2. The query is time-consuming, such as JOIN or AGGREGATE. After you create materialized views, MaxCompute SQL can automatically match the query rewrite feature with the optimal materialized view and read data from the materialized view during query execution. This way, the query efficiency is significantly improved. You do not need to modify the original query statement. For example, you do not need to change the query source to materialized views because MaxCompute SQL can automatically perform this operation. You can manually update a materialized view or use a scheduling node of DataWorks to update a materialized view. The support for external tables and periodic, automatic, and incremental updates is in the planning stage of development.

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