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Tablestore - Supports Expert Services

Apr 16 2021

Tablestore provides personalized expert services such as architecture consultation, technical consultation, cost estimation, and migration escort.

Targeted customers: Tablestore expert services are ideal for the following scenarios: 1. The original product architecture faces bottlenecks in performance and capacity expansion. Customers can consider using Tablestore to optimize or reconstruct business to address business development challenges. 2. Customers want to learn about product adaptability and recommended architectures when they choose an architecture for their new business. 3. During the promotional events of business, customers need Tablestore experts to provide technical support and consulting for promotional events. Features released: The following expert services are provided: 1. Solution consultation and design: Personalized and specialized recommendations are provided for customers to choose a technical architecture, design table schemas, estimate resources, and control access for security. This ensures that the selected architecture can adapt to rapid development in the future. 2. Data migration support: Recommendations are provided based on different data sources and scenarios for customers to choose a migration solution and supporting migration tools. This ensures the smooth migration of business. 3. Technical consultation during development: Channels are provided for customers to directly communicate with product developers if the customers have questions about the product details and SDK usage in the development and testing processes. This helps you obtain accurate information at your earliest opportunity for efficient development. 4. Performance optimization: Recommendations are provided for customers to analyze the issues such as long latencies, optimize performance, and use the product. This guarantees that the system remains in the optimal state. 5. Project escort: Expert escort services are provided for peak hours of business. For example, promotional events and product releases. The Tablestore expert service team assists users in estimating resources in advance, participates in stress testing at the early stage, and provides online escort support when business is released. 6Product training: Customers can keep updated on product features, architecture practice, and industry-specific information. Additionally, customers can watch shared videos about product practice by using live streaming on a regular basis.

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