New Features

CloudMonitor - Supports 14 Metrics for ApsaraDB for Cassandra

Oct 24 2019

CloudMonitor supports 14 metrics for ApsaraDB for Cassandra. These metrics are used to monitor disks, networks, and memory conditions.

Target customers: users of ApsaraDB for Cassandra instances. Features released: CloudMonitor can monitor the following metrics of ApsaraDB for Cassandra: the disk input and output wait time, disk utilization, number of packet reception errors, number of packet transmission errors, number of dropped packets for reception, number of dropped packets for transmission, number of packet overruns for reception, number of packet overruns for transmission, heap memory usage, non-heap memory, maximum time consumed for garbage collection (GC), total time consumed for GC, memory freed up during GC, and number of GCs. In the CloudMonitor console, you can view the monitoring data indicated by these metrics and configure alert rules for these metrics. This allows CloudMonitor to notify the specified alert contacts of an alert when the metric corresponding the alert reaches the specified threshold.

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