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Lindorm - Support for Unlimited Device Access

Oct 20 2018

Born for the Internet of Things (IoT), Alibaba Cloud High-Performance Time Series Database (TSDB) supports real-time writing and analysis of 100-million pieces of device metric data for a single instance based on the self-developed timeline indexing technology.

Target customers: IoT, Internet, live broadcast, e-commerce, financial industry, manufacturing, testing and certification, developers, and retail. Features released: TSDB is a fully managed data store for the fields of IoT, industrial IoT, and Internet monitoring and administration. The latest TSDB supports writing large amounts of metric data from devices for a single instance to meet business needs. IoT enterprises, industrial enterprises, and Internet enterprises own large amounts of devices, such as intelligent devices, manufacturing devices, and servers. These devices generate large amounts of monitoring metric data. With the TSDB featured indexing technology, you can write metric data at the hundred millionth level in a matter of seconds, perform clustering computations in milliseconds. This helps you to obtain trends of metric changes and the latest metric data in real time. Additionally, you can conduct business forecasting and send alerts based on metric data. Compared to open source time series databases, such as OpenTSDB and influxDB, TSDB is highly scalable in the horizontal direction, and provides stable and reliable services with zero administration costs. Integrated with characteristics of monitoring businesses, TSDB performs first-level indexing on data that is based on data collection points of the IoT devices. Then, TSDB performs second-level indexing by time scope to achieve quick data search and computations. This ensures that the average RT of clustering analysis of millions of data records is within 100 milliseconds and it supports writing millions of data records in seconds.

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