New Features

E-MapReduce - Support for Stateless Clusters

Jul 14 2023

E-MapReduce (EMR) provides a default data lake architecture, which does not depend on Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). If you do not need to use services that depend on core nodes, you can remove the core node group to build a completely stateless cluster.

Target customers: all users. Features released: In EMR V5.12.1, EMR V3.46.1, or a minor version later than EMR V5.12.1 or EMR V3.46.1, if the services that you selected when you create a DataLake cluster, a Dataflow cluster, a DataServing cluster, or a custom cluster do not depend on core nodes, you can remove the core node group from the cluster by performing the following operations: Find the core node group on the Nodes tab of the cluster, move the pointer over the More icon in the Actions column, and then select Delete Node Group. In the Confirm message, click Delete. A default data lake architecture is provided, which does not depend on HDFS. A completely stateless cluster is built. This helps reduce O&M costs of the cluster.

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