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MaxCompute - SQL Editor Supports Query Acceleration to Improve the Performance of Data Analytics

Dec 05 2020

MaxCompute supports query acceleration. Data analysts can execute SQL statements to query data within seconds, which improves the performance of data queries.

Target customers: data analysts, especially users who need to query data from offline data warehouses and use the Web Excel feature for secondary analysis. Features released: The original query mode in MaxCompute uses offline computing for data queries. The newly released SQL editor supports the query acceleration feature to reduce the duration of queries that involve medium or small amounts of data from minutes to seconds. The SQL editor preferentially uses the query acceleration feature to query data that meets specific conditions. The queried data is returned within seconds. If the query conditions are not met, the offline query is then used to ensure the normal running of a query. MaxCompute allows data analysts to query data, analyze results, and then share the results by using the Web Excel feature of DataWorks. The query acceleration feature of MaxCompute can now be used only for pay-as-you-go projects. If a project uses subscription resources, query acceleration cannot be used.

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