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MaxCompute - SQL Analysis Released in the Console

Mar 14 2024

The SQL Analysis feature released in the MaxCompute console allows users to quickly experience core capabilities of the SQL engine.

Target customers: Users who are new to MaxCompute and want to quickly experience SQL capabilities. Features released: The SQL Analysis feature in the MaxCompute console allows you to edit and execute SQL statements and analyze execution results in charts or tables. The SQL Analysis feature also allows you to view the metadata of tables, resources, and user-defined functions (UDFs) in all projects, including the view metadata of the built-in tenant-level Information Schema. A demo built-in public dataset is also provided. You can directly open the SQL file in the demo dataset to run code and experience and test MaxCompute based on the public dataset. For users who experience or test MaxCompute for the first time, the SQL Analysis feature helps the users quickly experience the core features of MaxCompute by using the public dataset.

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