New Features

MaxCompute - Schema Feature in Public Preview

Oct 13 2022

The schema feature is provided to upgrade the hierarchy of data storage from project.table to project.schema.table. This allows MaxCompute to connect to data sources that use three levels of hierarchy to store data.

Target customers: big data developers. Features released: A MaxCompute project is the basic organizational unit of MaxCompute and is used for the isolation and access control of multiple users. A MaxCompute project contains objects such as tables, resources, and functions. Before the schema feature is provided by MaxCompute, the objects are directly placed in projects. Projects serve as databases or schemas based on the hierarchy of traditional databases. This may cause misunderstanding and inconvenience to users, especially when a large number of tables or objects exist. MaxCompute provides the schema feature to allow you to use schemas to classify tables, resources, and functions in projects. If the original hierarchy of data storage is project.schema.table and you want to migrate data to MaxCompute, you can use the schema feature of MaxCompute to directly align the hierarchy with the data source hierarchy without reconstructing your business during the migration. The schema feature helps reduce the workload.

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