New Features

Quick BI - Quick BI V3.9.0 Released

Sep 22 2020

Quick BI
Data sources are added. Multiple features are optimized.

Target customers: all customers who have assets on the Internet. Features released: 1. Deprecated features Text widget: The rich text widget is used. Font family and strikethrough buttons are removed. 2. New features (1) [Data source] a. The user-created data source GBase is added. b. The PolarDB for PostgreSQL data source is added. (2) [Dataset] a. The authorization feature is added, which allows you to authorize specific users to access datasets. b. Fields of the image type are supported. (3) [Dashboard] a. Story Builder is added. b. The tagging feature is added. c. The background and images can be customized. The dual y-axis can be displayed. Redirections and customized indicators are supported in advanced analysis. d. The Text widget is upgraded. The rich text widget is used and data can be added. (4) [Chart] a. The dynamic playback axis is added in bubble charts and scatter charts. b. Conditional formatting is added to the Style tab. c. Fields of the image type can be added to cross tables and leaderboards. (5) [Open service] A total of 9 API operations are added to the Enterprise Standard edition. 3. Performance optimization 1. [Dashboard] a. Interaction and drill-down analysis can be enabled at the same time. b. You can click the cancel interaction icon to cancel the interaction. 2. [Terminal] IntelligentQ is upgraded.

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