New Features

Quick BI - Quick BI V3.8.0 Released

Jun 30 2020

Quick BI
The query control, dashboard, workbook, and chart display on terminals are upgraded.

Target customers: all customers who have assets on the Internet. Features released: 1. Deprecated features [Chart] The data view feature is deprecated in cross tables. 2. New features (1) [Widget] a. You can select Multiple for Query Method when Display Mode is set to Tree. b. The clear and reset buttons are added in query controls. c. You can customize a time range when Display Mode is set to Select Date. (2) [Dashboard and workbook] a. The filter feature is upgraded. b. The export feature is upgraded. The export-to-image and export-to-PDF buttons are combined. The export-to-Excel button is added. Charts can be exported to an OSS server. (3) [Chart] You can display the total value and customize colors for blocks in treemaps. (4) [Notification] Both the alert and subscription modes allow you to receive notifications by using DingTalk messages or DingTalk groups. (5) [Terminal] a. The following features are supported: conditional cascading among charts, time granularity YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss, shortcut range selection, 0-axis display, full-screen chart display, and interaction, drill-down analysis, and redirection among charts. b. Numerical tags are optimized.

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