New Features

Quick BI - Quick BI V3.6.2 Released

Mar 10 2020

Quick BI
The configuration pages for pie charts and word clouds are optimized.

Target customers: all customers that have Internet assets. Features released: 1. The configuration page for pie charts is optimized in the following aspects: (1) Measures are displayed in descending order by default. (2) The sector borders are automatically displayed if the number of sectors is small. (3) Visual Style can be set to Pie or Ring. (4) You can select dimension, measure, and percentage as the display label. 2. The configuration page for word clouds is optimized in the following aspects: (1) The Style Settings section is added. You can specify the word cloud shape and configure the text to be vertically displayed. (2) The Series Settings section is added. You can configure measure aliases and the number display format.

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