Experience Enhancements

AIRec - Optimization for POC process

Nov 03 2022

The process of using the service is optimized, and more features are added for testing in the proof of concept (POC) stage. This ensures that customers can access the service efficiently and smoothly and test more features based on their business scenarios.

1. System links are adjusted to reduce the time taken to start an instance and increase the success rate of starting an instance on the first try. This effectively improves the efficiency of accessing the service. 2. The revised data diagnosis feature provides understandable and effective text guidance and improved data display. This helps customers fix data issues as instructed and optimizes the recommendation effect. 3. Instances can be restarted. This helps customers clear dirty data flexibly and conveniently. 4. Historical recommendation results can be queried, and comprehensive item tables are provided. This helps customers easily verify the recommendation effect.

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