Optimization Solver

Solve complex optimization problems efficiently to facilitate decision-making

About Optimization Solver

The Optimization Solver is developed by the MindOpt team from the Decision Intelligence Lab of Alibaba DAMO Academy. It can be widely used to solve optimization problems in cloud computing, power energy, industrial manufacturing, transportation and logistics, retail, finance, and other fields. It helps optimize complex systems to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and make critical decisions in the real world.

  • Comprehensive Problem-Solving

    Solve a wide range of mathematical problems, including Linear, Non-linear, and Mix-integer Programming quickly at low costs

  • High-Performance Linear Programming

    Achieve leading performance with simplex, interior-point, and concurrent methods from large-scale linear programming (LP), especially for large-scale network flows

  • High Compatibility and Flexibility

    Deliver optimization flexibly on various operating systems, with a wide selection of modeling languages, and highly compatible APIs


LP (Linear Programming)
- Simplex, interior-point, concurrent
- Large-scale network flow
NLP (Non-Linear Programming)
- Quadratic Programming (QP)
- Semidefinite Programming (SDP)
MIP (Mixed Integer Programming)
- Mixed-Integer Linear Programming (MILP)
Auxiliary Functions
- Analysis of Constraint Conflicts
- x86: Windows, macOS, Linux
- ARM: macOS, Linux
Modeling Languages
- AMPL, GAMS, PuLP, Pyomo
- MindOpt APL
Interfaces and File Formats
- File formats: .mps, .lp, .nl, .dat-s
- Base interface: C
- Object-oriented interface: C++, Python, Java
- Standalone Version: Download and install it on local drives
- Online Version: Use it directly with your web browser

Try Optimization Solver in Industrial Scenarios

Advertising Allocation

Advertising Allocation

Balancing the total amount of playbacks and the click-through rate of each video

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Diet Menu

Diet Menu

Use optimization models to design daily diet menus that meet nutritional requirements at a low cost

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Smart dispatch for Power

Smart dispatch for Power

Facilitate intelligent decision-making in virtual power plants, smart buildings, and zero-carbon parks

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Use Optimization Solver to solve this popular puzzle game as a mathematical programming problem

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Task Assignment

Task Assignment

Find the task assignment that makes the most profit with limited resources

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Flow Shop Problem

Flow Shop Problem

Calculate the processing sequence of tasks to reduce the total processing time

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Robust Linear Regression

Robust Linear Regression

Regression is a predictive technique that establishes the relationship between vector x and scalar y.

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More Examples

More Examples

Find more code examples from the installation package or MindOpt Studio

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