Storage Capacity Unit

Plan and optimize your storage budget with flexible storage services

Both Cost-effective and Flexible in Use

Storage capacity units (SCUs) can be used to offset pay-as-you-go bills of a variety of cloud storage services to streamline your service purchase process.

SCUs can be used along with ECS reserved instances to make it easy to plan your budget on cloud computing resources. In addition, SCUs decouple computing resources from storage resources and allow cloud disks to be attached to or detached from instances, so that cloud resources can match your business requirements more flexibly.

Cost Optimization

Reduces your costs by up to 67% compared with equivalent pay-as-you-go storage.

Resource Reservation

Provides zone-level resource reservation capabilities to meet business continuity requirements while maintaining flexibility.

Flexibility in Use

Available for sale by region. You can choose a deductible product type and a validity period to purchase an SCU in a region. This SCU is then automatically used to offset your bills in the region.

Supported Products

SCUs can be used to offset pay-as-you-go bills of the following cloud storage services based on specific rules.

Elastic Block Storage

Block-level data storage attached to ECS instances to achieve high performance, low latency, and high reliability

Object Storage Service

An encrypted and secure cloud storage service that can store, process, and access massive amounts of data

Apsara File Storage NAS

Simple, scalable, on-demand, and reliable NAS for use with ECS instances, HPC, and Container Service


Back up the data of disks at one or more points in time to improve service security and application deployment efficiency

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