New Features

Simple Log Service (SLS) - OpenTracing (Jaeger) connection supported

Log Service supports OpenTracing (Jaeger) connection for developers

Features released: Log Service provides Open Tracing (Jaeger) adaption feature which directly connects storage to the query layer. The following features are provided: 1. Native Jaeger only supports persisting data to cassandra and elasticsearch. You have to maintain the stability of the back-end storage system and adjust the storage capacity. With the massive data processing capabilities of Alibaba Cloud Log Service, Jaeger on Log Service allows you to enjoy the convenience in distributed tracing provided by Jaeger without considering back-end storage system. 2. Jaeger UI only allows querying and displaying trace, without enough support for problem analysis and troubleshooting. With Jaeger on Alibaba Cloud Log Service, you can analyze the problems in the system faster by using the powerful query and analysis capabilities of Log Service. 3. Compared with Jaeger which uses elasticsearch as back-end storage, the benefit of using Log Service is that it supports Pay-As-You-Go and the cost is only 13% of other options (See self-built ELK vs Log Service). With this feature, you can enhance tracing log analysis capabilities through Log Service without modifying codes. Target customers: developers

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