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ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL - MySQL 5.7 with Local SSDs Supports Dedicated Proxy

ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL 5.7 with local SSDs supports the Dedicated Proxy function.

Target customers: ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL 5.7 users. Features released: ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL 5.7 in the High-availability Edition with local SSDs supports the Dedicated Proxy function. This function offers capabilities such as read/write splitting and short-lived connection optimization. This function brings the following benefits with its independent computing resources: 1. A proxy endpoint is used to connect to your database system. This reduces maintenance costs by relieving you from the work of updating endpoints for your application. The proxy endpoint remains valid unless you release the proxy instances in the dedicated proxy. 2. The dedicated proxy serves only your database system to ensure service stability. This way, you do not need to compete for resources with other users. 3. The dedicated proxy can be scaled by adding proxy instances to process more requests. 4. While in the public preview phase, the Dedicated Proxy function is free of charge, but starts to be charged after the public preview phase ends.

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