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Message Queue - Message Queue - A simplified procedure to apply for resources

Oct 16 2018

Message Queue
The procedures for using Producer ID and Consumer ID are simplified.

Features released: Resource management of Message Queue (MQ) contains three types of objects: topics, producer IDs, and consumer IDs. These types of objects have many-to-many associations. For medium and large enterprises, when users create topics, they must associate the new topics with or update existing producer IDs and consumer IDs. This complicated process is now simplified. You can also subscribe to and view associations among topics, consumer IDs, and producer IDs using the corresponding open APIs. Effects on business: The simplification does not affect your online business. You do not have to alter your code to use MQ. 2. Effects on management: The Producer page is not displayed in the MQ console. Open APIs do not support producer-related operations. Associations between consumer IDs and topics are not displayed on the Consumer page. Open APIs do not provide association data between consumer IDs and topics. For more information, click https://help.aliyun.com/document_detail/93771.html.

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