Experience Enhancements

IoT Platform - Improves the O&M for Device Feature

Mar 31 2021

IoT Platform
The operations and maintenance (O&M) for device feature is improved.

1. Monitoring charts are sorted by category on the Enterprise Instance Details page. You can switch across these charts by pressing the Tab key. 2. On the Rules > Data Forwarding page, you can specify the required functions to extract TSL fields when you write SQL statement. This improves user experience. 3. The timestamps of message traces can be displayed in milliseconds. This allows you to locate issues in a precise manner. 4. You can use the advanced search feature to select the required devices when you add devices to groups. This facilitates the management. 5. The cause field is added to device disconnection messages. This allows application servers to receive notifications immediately after devices are disconnected from IoT Platform. 6. The alias column is added to the device list of each group. This allows you to identify devices with ease.

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