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Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) - Adds Configuration Templates in Configuration Management and Optimizes the Features of Auto Scaling, Display of Application Change Details, and Cluster Import Precheck

Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) adds configuration templates in configuration management and optimizes features such as auto scaling, display of application change details, and cluster import precheck.

Target customers: all users. Features released: (1) Configuration templates in configuration management: You can save configurations that are in the same format but have different values as templates. You can use configuration templates in microservice configurations, and secret dictionaries and configuration items in Kubernetes configurations to simplify the operation of specifying configuration files. (2) Auto scaling: a. Built-in auto scaling scenarios are added to the auto scaling feature. You can quickly create an auto scaling policy of the required type. b. The feature of setting the time range for metric aggregation is added. If you choose to calculate metric data to obtain mean values, you can set the time range for metric aggregation to help reduce data fluctuations. c. In addition, you can select a trigger mode for scheduled auto scaling. If you select the edge trigger mode, the auto scaling policy takes effect at the specified time. If you select the horizontal trigger mode, the number of instances is maintained within the two specified time ranges. (3) Display of application change details: Version comparison is supported on the application change details page so that you can view the differences between the current version and the previous version. (4) Cluster import precheck: During the cluster import precheck, the Kubernetes version compatibility check is added. Only versions that meet the requirements of EDAS can pass the precheck. This prevents you from being affected by version incompatibility.

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