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Alibaba Cloud e-Magazine Issue 8:
Innovation with a Purpose

Alibaba Cloud e-Magazine is a free bi-monthly digital publication produced by Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International. The magazine aims to present the latest news, stories, and technologies of Alibaba Cloud to offer insight into how technology is changing the world and shaping the future, as exemplified by our endeavors.

The staggering technological advancements have created massive opportunities for enterprises to accelerate digital transformation and business growth. Companies across the globe are now turning their focus toward leveraging the transformative power of technology to deal with challenging issues of the world and make a global impact. At Alibaba Cloud, sustainability and inclusiveness lie at the heart of our innovation and business goals. We are continually stepping up the efforts to look beyond commercial business challenges and cultivate an open, collaborative space for innovation.

Key Contents Featured in This Issue:

Opening Remarks by Selina Yuan, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International Business Unit

Decrypting Yitian 710 Server Chip

Hyperscale Data Centers Powered by Green Technology

Lingjie – Alibaba's Integrated AI Platform

6 Directions of Next-Gen Enterprise Databases

Alibaba Cloud x Olympics

The IOC is entering into a new era of digitalization which we are doing in partnership with Alibaba.
—— Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee
Alibaba supports the Olympic Games with cloud computing services and global e-commerce platforms, rekindling the light of hope for everyone.

Featured Content


AI Acceleration Whitepaper

This whitepaper is a complete guide on the mechanism of the AI infrastructure layer and how it supports AI acceleration.


Green Technologies behind Alibaba's Double 11 Global Shopping Festival

This e-book introduces core technologies that powered the Double 11 Shopping Festival and discusses how they can be used to power your business.


Spark Innovation, Unlock Possibilities

In this booklet, you will find the use cases and architectures of cloud computing, security and big data across fast-growing Indonesian companies during COVID-19.

Customer Success Stories

All in all, we’ve been very impressed partnering with Alibaba Cloud and, looking into the future, we hope to strengthen our cooperation and offer even better services to our customers globally.

Alibaba Cloud offers HP China a comprehensive, end-to-end intelligent customer service solution to help it rapidly scale up while remaining cost-efficient.

The adoption of Alibaba Cloud’s digital solution has accelerated our digital transformation progress. It helped us to not only build up a solid foundation for Henkel’s omni-channel business analysis and consumer management, but also establish an automated marketing system, which will benefit from machine learning in the future through digital asset accumulation.

Alibaba Cloud helps Henkel to drive its digital transformation and expansion strategy in China.

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