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Alibaba Cloud e-Magazine Special Issue: Tech for Change

Alibaba Cloud e-Magazine is a free bi-monthly digital publication produced by Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International. The magazine aims to present the latest news, stories, and technologies of Alibaba Cloud, which will give you a better insight into how technology is changing the world and shaping the future as exemplified by our endeavors.

"Tech for Change" is initiated by Alibaba Cloud to apply cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other advances in tech to areas such as education, economic development and the environment to improve the lives of those in need. As an advocate for applying technologies for the social good, we believe that affordable cloud infrastructure and accessible intelligence technologies have the potential to make huge differences in creating a better world for all humankind.

Key contents featured in this issue include:

Opening Remarks from Selina Yuan, President of International Business, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Overview of how cloud technology supports business continuity

Eight stories of tech for career, cure, care, cultivation, and conservation such as iamtheCODE movement, DoctorSHARE health consultation, zero hunger program to minimize food crises, virtual training to rural doctors, turning waste to good, protecting endangered wild animals in the Yangtze River, digitalized flood control and disaster management, and Green Code for public welfare institutions and volunteers, all these drawing inspiration from how they leverage Alibaba Cloud's best-in-class cloud technologies and local insights to change our lives and make a better world.

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Extending Technology's Benefits to Everyone

The more innovative technologies continue to emerge, the more effort we will put into bringing them to everyone, for the benefit of society and the world.

Epidemic Prediction Technology

COVID-19 is fierce, and policy makers want to understand the impact of different policies on the development of COVID-19, and how long strict control measures should be maintained. AI models can be used to predict the spread of COVID-19 and help decision makers evaluate the impact of various prevention and control measures on the development of the epidemic. This technology can be used to predict the spread of COVID-19 and help decision makers evaluate the impact of various prevention and control measures on the development of the epidemic.

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Elastic High Performance Computing Technology

The development of new drugs and vaccines for COVID-19 requires large amounts of data analysis, as well as large-scale literature screening and scientific computing. HPC and AI technology helps scientific research institutions to perform viral gene sequencing, conduct new drug research and development, and shorten the research and development cycle. The Global Health Drug Discovery Institute (GHDDI) has established a scientific data sharing platform and an AI drug screening platform for COVID-19 with the support of this center's open AI computing power. Some research institutions and universities have increased the speed of biological information transmission by 5 times, and reduced the virtual screening time for antiviral drugs from one month to one week.

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CT Image Analytics for COVID-19

On average, a patient with COVID-19 has more than 2,000 CT images during the entire hospitalization process. Manually reading and comparing image data from every patient requires great effort. AI technology can assist realizing quantitative analysis, speeding up CT image analytics, avoiding errors caused by fatigue, and adjusting treatment plans in time.

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Whole Genome Sequencing Analysis for COVID-19

When facing a severe epidemic such as COVID-19, rapid and accurate virus screening and detection is particularly important for maintaining control. The AI algorithm avoids the high missed detection rate of nearly 40% of PCR, and can accurately detect virus mutations and shorten the duration of genetic analysis of suspected cases from hours to just 30 minutes, greatly reducing the time of virus screening and detection.

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Connection is key. Alibaba's DingTalk is significantly helping us all to mitigate the medical, educational, and economic risks of the unforeseen COVID-19 outbreak.

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