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BACK TO BASIC: The Next Generation Of Cloud Computing At Our Core

The Alibaba Cloud e-Magazine is a free bi-monthly digital publication produced by Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International. The e-magazine aims to present the latest news, stories, and technologies of Alibaba Cloud to offer insight into how technology is changing the world and shaping the future, as exemplified by our endeavors.

Enterprises today have different challenges and requirements for deploying cloud computing capabilities, including cloud infrastructure, cloud data management, and workload distribution.

Alibaba Cloud's Product and Engineering Teams have been working relentlessly on technology innovation and leading cloud computing products for clients to help unleash the true potential of cloud computing for their digital transformation journey.

This issue explains Alibaba Cloud's latest BACK TO BASIC concept, Alibaba Cloud's next-generation cloud infrastructure - The Cloud Infrastructure Processing Unit (CIPU), and Alibaba Cloud's advantages in technological innovation and demonstrates how Alibaba Cloud supports enterprises to transform and innovate with the latest products and solutions.

Key Contents Featured in This Issue:

Back to Basic with CIPU: The Future of Cloud Infrastructure Management

Tech for Innovation: The Alibaba Cloud Advantage

CIPU: A Key Enabler for Alibaba Cloud Product Ecosystem

Create New Possibilities with Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Cloud SaaS

Enhancing Customer Value through Cloud-native Data and AI Technologies

OpenTrek: Driving the Intelligent Transformation of Industries

Alibaba Cloud: Made by the Industry, for the Industry

Alibaba Cloud CIPU: A Catalyst for Accelerated Data Center Efficiency and Performance

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The adoption of Alibaba Cloud’s digital solution has accelerated our digital transformation progress. It helped us to not only build up a solid foundation for Henkel’s omni-channel business analysis and consumer management, but also establish an automated marketing system, which will benefit from machine learning in the future through digital asset accumulation.
John Gao,
Chief Technology Officer of Henkel Digital Business

Alibaba Cloud helps Henkel to drive its digital transformation and expansion strategy in China.

Through Resorts World Genting's partnership with Alibaba Cloud, the Virtual Queue (VQ) solution will reduce the need to wait in line and allow more opportunity for our guests to enjoy their time at SkyWorlds and beyond within the resort. We look forward to adopting this advanced VQ solution to provide a more efficient and rewarding experience, unique to Resorts World Genting.
Greg Pearn,
Vice President of Theme Park, Resorts World Genting

Alibaba Cloud worked with Genting to create a customized solution to efficiently handle massive volumes of data and provide additional security.

All in all, we’ve been very impressed partnering with Alibaba Cloud and, looking into the future, we hope to strengthen our cooperation and offer even better services to our customers globally.

Alibaba Cloud offers HP China a comprehensive, end-to-end intelligent customer service solution to help it rapidly scale up while remaining cost-efficient.

Thanks to the scalability of Alibaba Cloud’s infrastructure and range of digital solutions, Digital Intelligence is now in the perfect position to meet customer demands and scale its business from both a global and local basis.

Digital Intelligence expanded its customer insights and revenue streams using Alibaba Cloud’s global infrastructure and digital solutions.

DANA continues to modernize its IT infrastructure on Alibaba Cloud by introducing a range of innovative software development solutions. Working with Alibaba Cloud, DANA simplified and modernized its IT infrastructure, reduced its operational requirements, and built a secure and fast transaction network.

DANA worked with Alibaba Cloud to address business challenges in a cost-effective manner.

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