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e-Book: Alibaba Cloud Core Concepts and Best Practices

This e-book gives a glimpse into Alibaba Cloud's core offering, ideal for anyone who wants to get a thorough understanding about the core concepts of Alibaba Cloud along with best-practices and migration strategies. No prior background knowledge is necessary.

e-Magazine: Cloud for Business Continuity

After more than ten years of supporting Alibaba Group's business innovation, including 12 Double 11 Global Shopping Festivals and enterprise transformation across industries, Alibaba Cloud has sharpened its capabilities, technologies, and future plans. In this issue, you will find a selection of our cloud infrastructure technology update and insights.

Featured Whitepapers and e-Books


Top 10 Technology Trends in 2021 by Alibaba DAMO Academy

Alibaba DAMO Academy provides its forecast of the leading trends that would shape the tech industry in the year ahead.


Global Industry Best Practices on Alibaba Cloud

We've compiled key success stories on how our customers use our products to meet their digital transformation needs.


The Cloud-Native Architecture Whitepaper by Alibaba Cloud

This whitepaper provides in-depth interpretations of cloud-native application scenarios and future development trends.

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Featured e-Magazines


Tech Behind the Scenes: Double 11 Special Edition

In this issue, we unveil the key technologies deployed for Alibaba's annual Double 11 Global Shopping Festival.


Alibaba Cloud Powers the Olympic Games

In this issue, we discuss how Alibaba Cloud makes sports smarter by deploying intelligent technologies at sporting events.


Speed Up Your Business

Discover the latest trends in the video industry and learn how our solutions help you deliver a better service experience.

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