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Fei Zong,Product Solution Architect, DAMO Academy
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Internet-enabled innovation is becoming the driving force behind today's digital trends. Alibaba Cloud is born with Internet genes. We value each line of code and know how to take different Internet businesses to transform in the digital era. This series of webinars aims to help internet companies, SMEs and startups to better adopt cloud technology in order to stay ahead of the curve. It features introduction of some Alibaba Cloud flagship solutions, as well as insights from internet pioneers in the Alibaba ecosystem who will tell their success stories of scaling up with the cloud.

Episode 1
Innovation at Lightspeed - A 360 Degree View on Alibaba Cloud
Date Time Topic Speaker(s)
January-19 10:00 - 10:30 a.m. CET Alibaba Cloud provides a broad and battle-proven portfolio that lets you create digital experiences seamlessly for your customers world-wide, no matter where they are. Ranging from global WAN and networking solutions to accelerate your services, real-time video-streaming to spice up your shopping experience, personalized customer relationship management, to cutting edge cloud-native technologies to empower your developers to build great things at lightspeed. Alibaba Cloud makes it easy to connect and engage with your clients anywhere, anytime, any way. Oliver Arafat, Head of Solution Architects DACH + CEE, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence EuropeOliver Arafat works as Head of Solution Architects DACH + CEE, at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International where he helps customers of all sizes and industries reaching their full potential with cloud-based solutions. Prior to joining Alibaba Cloud, he held similar roles with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.
Episode 2
Empower Your Fintech business with cloud-native solutions
Date Time Topic Speaker(s)
January-26 10:00 - 10:30 a.m. CET In this session, Rohit will introduce the success story of Windsor Brokers, a global forex and CFD trading investment firm, and how they benefited from Alibaba Cloud's different solutions to grow and secure their business. He will also give you an overview of Alibaba Cloud's fintech solutions and share some best practices. Rohit Kumar, Lead Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence EuropeRohit Kumar is a Solution Architect at Alibaba Cloud, helping European companies make the best use of Alibaba Cloud capabilities to transform their businesses while using the best practices developed by Alibaba Group. He is a Computer Engineer by education and has an MBA from the University of Oxford.
Episode 3
Improve Global User Experience with Global Accelerator and Cloud Enterprise Network
Date Time Topic Speaker(s)
February-2 10:00 - 10:30 a.m. CET For businesses looking to expand globally, networking problems are often one of the first challenges to tackle. The cloud can provide solutions for networking challenges to quickly build a platform that features a seamless and easy-to-use experience across the world. In this session, Léon Rodenburg will share with you a success story in which he helped to deploy a global platform in Europe and China, using Alibaba Cloud's Global Accelerator and Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) to interconnect the platform instances. Léon Rodenburg, Software Development Consultant at Xebia, Alibaba Cloud MVP With a background in software development and Chinese linguistics, Alibaba Cloud MVP--Léon Rodenburg possesses an unconventional combination of hard and soft skills that can help organizations accelerate their existing development projects or engineer new tech stacks from the bottom up.
Episode 4
Personalize Your Customer Relationship Management with Data Platform
Date Time Topic Speaker(s)
February-9 10:00 - 10:21 a.m. CET In the New Retail era where online and offline retail businesses are merged, you need more than ever an end-to-end platform to build a peronalized customer relationship management system for your omnichannel marketing campaigns. We will explain why our cloud-based CDP solution can be your best tool. Vladimir Tsaganov, Senior Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud IntelligenceVladimir is an Alibaba Cloud Solutions Architect focusing on developing Big Data and Machine Learning Solutions. In this role, he practices state-of-the-art data intelligence technologies in order to help customers seamlessly transform their operations leveraging a more data-driven approach. Vladimir has 10+ years of first-hand experience designing, developing, and implementing various enterprise and data intelligence solutions for different vertical industries.
Episode 5
Sharing the Mic: Moving with the Flow
Date Time Topic Speaker(s)
February-16 10:00 - 10:14 a.m. CET Over many years, batch processing was the norm in handling varying quantities of data. With changes in IT, business and society, users are now expecting results within seconds, not days. The amount of data to be processed is growing every day making it harder for batch processors to keep up with the data flow whilst meeting expectation. In this presentation, we will look at four real world examples how managing and handling data through stream processing has helped organisations achieve their business goals - by moving with the (data) flow! Alexander Walden, Sales & Partner Management, Ververica Prior to joining Ververica as Sales Executive and Head of Partner Management, Alex has worked many years in architecture and sales roles for software companies, service and Cloud providers. Driving digital transformation, life-long learning and enabling innovation in organizations are his passion, in recent years predominantly using Agile Methodologies.
Episode 6
Customer Case: Rock Your Brand Performance on the Cloud
Date Time Topic Speaker(s)
February-23 10:00 - 10:20 a.m. CET As a strategic partner of Allibaba, the UK’s number one vitamin brand Vitabiotics has been using different technologies to drive customer experience. In this session, Vitabiotics will explain to you how they managed to rock their brand performance based on Alibaba Cloud's solutions. Benji Lamb, Director of China & South Asia, Vitabiotics Benji Lamb has lived and breathed China e-commerce & business development for over 6 years. Based in both the UK & Shanghai, it’s his passion to introduce quality British products to Asian consumers. Benji spearheaded the launch of Vitabiotics 2nd flagship store in China, featuring best-selling UK lines Wellman, Wellwoman, Feraglobin & Visionace. He has built & manages Vitabiotics China team in terms of sales, logistics & marketing. Benji has been nominated by the Department of Trade as an ‘export champion’ in 2021.
Episode 7
Make Live Streaming Easier Than Ever
Date Time Topic Speaker(s)
March-2 10:00 - 10:20 a.m. CET Live steaming has boomed here in wide range of scenarios: e-commerce, gaming, online education, and live events... For enterprises who are eager to tap into this trend, it can be challenging to build a mobile app from scratch that allows users to access content. In this episode, Oliver will introduce some featured live steaming solutions with real-life applications in e-commerce, online education, finance, culture and entertainment, which make it easier than ever to start livestreaming. Oliver Arafat, Head of Solution Architects DACH + CEE, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence EuropeOliver Arafat works as a Senior Solution Architect at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International where he helps customers of all sizes and industries reaching their full potential with cloud-based solutions. Prior to joining Alibaba Cloud, he held similar roles with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.
Episode 8
Improving user experiences with best-in-class digital experience monitoring
Date Time Topic Speaker(s)
March-9 10:00 - 10:34 a.m. CET For the organizations targeting the APAC region with business operations highly dependent on the Internet, web performance is critical to their brand image, go-to-market efficiency, customer acquisition, and user satisfaction. In this session, Christophe Depeux will share how user-centric DEM (Digital Experience Management) products and services running from Alibaba Cloud resources empower these organizations to improve the availability and response times of their applications, and contribute to growing their audience, revenues, and productivity in China and APAC. Christophe Depeux , General Manager of IP-Label As co-founder of the ip-label project, Christophe defined and led the company’s sales and marketing policy for France starting in 2000. In 2005, he took charge of the group’s international development (Europe, Asia, North Africa, etc.). Then, in 2007, Christophe moved to China to set up subsidiaries in Shanghai and Hong Kong. After successfully conducting business development in that region, Christophe returned to Europe in the summer of 2010 to fill the position of Managing Director of the ip-label group.
Episode 9
Alibaba Cloud Metaverse Solutions
Date Time Topic Speaker(s)
March-16 10:00 - 10:16 a.m. CET In this session, we will introduce how Alibaba Cloud is helping clients from the gaming industry to accelerate their digital transformation and scale up their businesses, as well as how to improve business operations with the industry's leading cloud solutions. Junxin Wei,Senior Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence
Episode 10
Metaverse: The Next Internet
Date Time Topic Speaker(s)
March-23 10:00 - 10:15 a.m. CET The Metaverse is the entire Internet on AR and VR glasses. AR and VR glasses are the next-generation mobile technology platforms that will soon be popularized, and the Metaverse is the presentation of the Internet industry on the new platform. Standy Zhang,Product Solution Architect, DAMO Academy
Episode 11
Intelligent Avatar Technology and Practice
Date Time Topic Speaker(s)
March-30 10:00 - 10:15 a.m. CET In this session, we will dive on Alibaba Group's digital human technology, as well as how digital human has been applied in the industry of retail, social media and telecommunication to improve customer experience and brand value. Fei Zong,Product Solution Architect, DAMO Academy


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Oliver Arafat

Head of Solution Architects DACH + CEE, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Europe

Rohit Kumar

Lead Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Europe

Léon Rodenburg

Software Development Consultant at Xebia, Alibaba Cloud MVP

Vladimir Tsaganov

Senior Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Europe

Alexander Walden

Sales & Partner Management, Ververica

Benji Lamb

Director of China & South Asia, Vitabiotics

Thierry Chopard


Christophe Depeux

General Manager of IP-Label

Junxin Wei

Senior Solution Architect,
Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Standy Zhang

Product Solution Architect,
DAMO Academy

Fei Zong

Product Solution Architect,
DAMO Academy

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Customer Success Stories

See how companies large and small are leveraging Alibaba Cloud to grow and improve their business

Partnering with Alibaba Cloud has helped Median Technologies optimize IT infrastructure and focus on pushing the boundaries of today’s MedTech solutions to deliver better patient care tomorrow.

Median Technologies

Median Technologies is a European MedTech company that offers innovative medical imaging solutions and services for patient care and clinical trials led by large pharmaceutical groups, Biotech companies and CROs.

To ensure a better service for our global end-users, especially for Chinese users, Windsor Brokers has adopted Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) to reduce Europe and China's connectivity latency, from an average of 250 milliseconds down to an average of 120 milliseconds.

Leonidas Petsas, IT Manager, Windsor Brokers Ltd

Windsor Brokers is a global Forex and CFD trading investment firm with roots dating back to 1988. The Company offers a powerful suite of trading platforms, allowing clients to trade over 45 different currency pairs, as well as gold, oil, soft commodities, and various shares, among other things.

As a leading hospitality company, IHG has always been the pioneer in digital change to keep its pole position in an increasingly technology driven and interconnected world. In this digital era, we are fully devoted to providing the best guest experience in a sustainable and global manner.

Steven Zhong VP, Hotel and Owner Solutions, IHG Greater China

IHG is is a global organisation with a broad portfolio of hotel brands, including Regent Hotels & Resorts, InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts, Kimpton® Hotels & Restaurants, Hotel Indigo®, EVEN® Hotels, HUALUXE® Hotels and Resorts, Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts, voco™ Hotels, Holiday Inn®, etc.

In the China market where exciting digital transformation is happening, Alibaba Cloud offers its insights on how satisfy the surging needs of Chinese consumers in the digital age, as well as providing tailored sophisticated data intelligence solutions that already have many proven successful stories in real-life scenario. With Alibaba Cloud, Costa Cruises deployed AI solution for their hotline, and digitalized their on-board newspaper to bring more value to Chinese customers.

The Costa Cruises Team

When one thinks of a holiday, they might think of relaxing on a cruise ship while on route to their next destination. Sipping mint mojitos on deck as the kids play without a care in the world. Well so does Costa Cruises. Costa is an Italian cruise line, based in Genova, Italy founded 1854.

Alibaba Cloud has been a great partner for TeamViewer and a catalyst for our growth in the wider Chinese regions,” commented Alfredo Patron, VP Business Development at Teamviewer. “We see great potential to further expand our partnership through Alibaba’s Cloud solutions.

Alfredo Patron, VP Business Development at Teamviewer

As a global connectivity powerhouse, TeamViewer empowers users to connect anything, anywhere, anytime. Its market-leading solutions offer secure remote access, support, control and collaboration capabilities for online endpoints of any kind.

TwoSigmas established seamless, real-time communication between tutors and students using Alibaba Cloud to deliver quality education through its online distance learning programs.


TwoSigmas is a Cambridge-based organization specializing in e-learning solutions that connect Chinese students across the globe with tutors and educators to provide English education programs.

Alibaba Cloud provide a one-stop solution to us via their extensive global coverage. We can simply use one international cloud provider without any connectivity issues.


Linkbynet is a French I.T. managed service company, which has a long history of providing high-quality services for our clients in Europe. Due to the high demands of APAC requirements for our customers, we had to find the best solution for our customers and this is why we went for Alibaba Cloud back in 2014.

Alibaba Cloud's comprehensive suite of global cloud computing tools and wide range of managed services allows Splio to concentrate on delivering a high-quality marketing product to their customers and not worry about IT performance.


Splio is a SaaS New Loyalty Marketing Platform that combines such services as New Loyalty Engine and Marketing Automation with Mobile activation, including mobile wallets, mini-programs, to enable marketers to acquire, activate, engage and retain customers with personalized communications on all channels, driving loyalty and revenue for brands.

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