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Alibaba Cloud, founded in 2009, is a global leader in cloud computing and artificial intelligence, providing services to thousands of enterprises, developers, and governments organizations in more than 200 countries and regions. As part of online solutions, Alibaba Cloud is committed to providing reliable and secure cloud computing and data processing capabilities for clients. Meanwhile, Alibaba Cloud's globalized infrastructure accelerates the localization deployment of enterprises. We are committed to becoming the best-practice cloud and have become the No.1 public cloud provider in APAC and No.3 in the World. Alibaba Cloud is combining local and global best practices and experience of digital transformation to help MNC grow businesses.

Recommended News

The "Cloud Olympics" with the support from Alibaba Cloud

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is the first "Cloud Olympics" in the Olympic history, Alibaba Cloud teamed up with the International Olympic Committee and Beijing Organizing Committee in hosting the Olympic games’ core technology services in the cloud.

We are together with the 2020 Dubai World Expo!

Alibaba Cloud provided a large-scale full link live streaming solution for the China Pavilion in the Dubai World Expo, ensuring that the China Pavillion can show the grand opening to every audience through live streaming.

Go Asia — South Korea

Seoul, South Korea, March 30, 2022 – Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, today announced the availability of its first data center in South Korea, underlining its commitment to support local digital transformation.

Alibaba Cloud solutions helped Fresh membership grow by 20%+

Fresh first time cooperated with Alibaba Cloud solution to get 20% increased of membership.

Tyson cooperated with Alibaba Cloud to accelerate digitalization

Tyson China announced that it has reached strategic cooperation with Alibaba Cloud. They will cooperate in the directions of dual middle stations, smart supply chain to complete the digital transformation of the enterprise from data, system and business.

Alibaba Cloud helps Henkel to drive its digital transformation and expansion strategy in China.

Alibaba Cloud helped Henkel to build up a solid foundation for its omnichannel business analysis and consumer management, also establish an automated marketing system, which will benefit from machine learning in the future through digital asset accumulation.

Decathlon is promoting the digital transformation with Alibaba Cloud

In March 2021, Decathlon signed a cooperation agreement with Alibaba Cloud to promote the digital transformation of the sports ecosystem. Both will highly integrate resources, combine Decathlon's global whole industry chain experience with new retail technology, and release leading digital solutions to users.

Alibaba Cloud STA to create a digital tourism experience

In August 2021, the Saudi Tourism Administration (STA) announced that it had reached a cooperation with Alibaba cloud to create a digital tourism experience by using cloud computing and intelligent services provided by Alibaba Cloud.

Henkel China Beauty Care Digital Transformation with Alibaba Cloud

In August 2021, Henkel China Beauty Care Unit and Alibaba Cloud cooperated together to build the DME data platform. The platform will help Henkel China Beauty Care Unit insight marketing in a more comprehensive and timely manner, and provide personal care and beauty products that more conform to Chinese consumers.

Heng Sang China cooperated with Alibaba Cloud to improve corporate user’s experience

In March 2021, Alibaba Cloud and its DingTalk support Hang Seng Bank (China) Co., Ltd. to improve corporate customer service. They reached the project cooperation of "DingTalk Yin Qi Tong".

Light up Digital Journey at Olympic Games Through Alibaba Cloud Technology

Alibaba has given the IOC, Olympic fans around the globe and the athletes new opportunities to experience the Olympic Games and the competitions.

Go Asia

Alibaba Cloud has achieved rapid growth in overseas markets and will continue to grow its wealth in the future. In the next three years, it will invest RMB 6 billion (US$1 billion) for local ecological support such as infrastructure construction and digital talent training.

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Alibaba Cloud enables digital retail transformation to fuel growth and realize an omnichannel customer experience throughout the consumer journey.
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This solution enables FinTech companies to run workloads on the cloud, bringing greater customer satisfaction with lower latency and higher scalability.
Gaming Solutions
Fuel gaming businesses with agility, availability, and intelligence.

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