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Alibaba Cloud provides the necessary compliance, security, resilience and scalability capabilities needed for FinTech companies to operate effectively on a global scale. This solution enables European FinTech companies to run workloads on the cloud, bringing greater customer satisfaction with lower latency and higher scalability.

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Developments in European Fintech are altering the country’s financial sector landscape. However, they have major challenges: customers expect more affordable and easy-to-use products and services. Furthermore, FinTech companies have limited resources. Choosing the right IT infrastructure to support growth and innovation while keeping costs low is of critical importance.

With two data centers available in Europe, Alibaba Cloud's industry-leading tech allows FinTech companies to delegate infrastructure management to the cloud. Enabling them to stay focus on their core competency: business development.

Download the whitepaper “The European Fintech Industry - Guidance and Solutions” to learn how Alibaba Cloud's holistic Fintech proposition can help your business in Europe be at the forefront of the competition.

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European Data Centers Keep Data in Secure

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for Fintech Companies

Regulatory Compliance

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Empowering Innovations with Alibaba Cloud FinTech Support

Alibaba Cloud provides a secure and intelligent service specifically designed to empower financial services on the cloud. Submit your application today, and one of our dedicated account managers will get in touch with you soon.

FinTech Support Plan

Worth up to $8,500 in value

Including free trial on 50 products worth $1700-$8500 USD, 1-on-1 consultation, proof of concept support, data migration assistance, free learning courses.

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Product Support

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Up to $1000 Proof-of-Concept Credit

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1. FinTech Support Plans are intended for new enterprise accounts in the financial industry only. Purchases must be made directly on to be eligible. Resellers, distributors, and offline customers are not eligible.
2. A specialist will get in touch with you shortly after submission. As part of the submission process, you will need to submit details of your proof-of-concept project for review and approval purposes.
3. The amount approved is subject to adjustment and may be only partially approved.

FinTech Challenges and Solutions

From limited technological know-how to strict regulatory processes,
FinTech companies are facing a wide variety of challenges that can potentially limit business growth.

Major Challenges

High Customer Expectation

Customers expect better services from FinTech companies than traditional financial giants. These customers expect an easy-to-use product despite complicated regulatory requirements. They prefer smarter and more instant customer service. These customer expectations are pushing FinTech companies to set up an agile development process and maintain a fast-paced product rollout.

Rapid Growth but Limited Resources

Most FinTech companies are start-ups with limited resources but need to support fast business growth. Examples include KYC processes, frequent releases for integration with more third-party products, transaction processes, and internal and external reporting requirements. How to choose the right technical platform that can support business growth is a challenge to most CTOs.

High Business Continuity Requirement

Financial business is sensitive to service instability and data inaccuracies. Both regulators and customers require transactions to be processed accurately and quickly with near-zero downtime. FinTech companies must have solid business continuity capabilities, such as running on a reliable, highly available platform to be able to recover from disasters.

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How It Works

Your Challenge

Fintech most time are on-line business: user experience, transaction process, customer service is all on-line. So the infrastructure that supports business needs to reliable, scale and stable with reasonable cost.

Our Solution

  • This solution provides the ability to easily scale up and down with no upfront payment. Deployment on more than one zone will help the organization to achieve better user satisfaction and meet business continuity requirements. Database hosting services of Alibaba Cloud allow enterprises to spin up and scale database instances on demand. These services provide automated monitoring and backup and disaster recovery capabilities throughout the transaction processing. Additionally, security services like WAF and Anti-DDoS Service help FinTech companies focus more on application security instead of infrastructure security. Contact us to get full solution consultation.

Elastic Compute Service

An online computing service that offers elastic and secure virtual cloud servers.

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Fully managed and less trouble database services.

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Object Storage Service

An encrypted and secure cloud storage service available from anywhere.

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Container Service

A high-performance and scalable container application management service.

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Your Challenge

It is common for FinTech companies to expand globally into new regions. In most cases, the customers and business applications are located in one region, while the backend systems are deployed in a different region.

Our Solution

  • This solution provides a way to quickly connect different regions using Alibaba Cloud global networks to support the performance of online applications. Alibaba’s global infrastructure and dedicated support team help FinTech companies quickly expand into new regions. Contact us to get full solution consultation.

ApsaraDB for Redis

A key value database service that offers in-memory caching and high-speed access.

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Cloud Enterprise Network

A global network for rapidly building a distributed business system and hybrid cloud.

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Elastic IP Address

A public IP address resource that you can purchase and use independently.

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Your Challenge

Migrating to the cloud is the right decision to make, but how can you get it done with minimal disruption to your business?

Our Solution

  • Alibaba Cloud offers comprehensive services and resources to ensure a smooth migration: from pre-migration evaluation to migration planning, from data migration to business application migration. The expert team has a proven track record in migrating services from on-premises data centers and other cloud vendors to Alibaba Cloud. Contact us to get full solution consultation.

Data Transmission Service

Supports data migration and data synchronization between different data engines.

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Data Transfer Plan

An easy-to-use traffic package that you can purchase at affordable prices.

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Elastic Compute Service

An online computing service that offers elastic and secure virtual cloud servers.

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Customer Success Stories

See how companies large and small are leveraging Alibaba Cloud to grow and improve their business

To ensure a better service for our global end-users, especially for Chinese users, Windsor Brokers has adopted Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) to reduce Europe and China's connectivity latency, from an average of 250 milliseconds down to an average of 120 milliseconds.

Leonidas Petsas | IT Manager, Windsor Brokers Ltd

Windsor Brokers is a global Forex and CFD trading investment firm with roots dating back to 1988. The Company offers a powerful suite of trading platforms, allowing clients to trade over 45 different currency pairs, as well as gold, oil, soft commodities, and various shares, among other things.

Alibaba Cloud has earned Lifebyte’s trust through the process of joint collaboration to work through any concerns and challenges of the business whilst taking time to understand the key business drivers. Alibaba Cloud's ability to connect with the China market was a huge advantage and enables Lifebyte to expand into new markets.

Steven Zhong | VP, Hotel and Owner Solutions, IHG Greater China

LifeByte, located in Sydney Australia, is a fin-tech company founded in 2016. LifeByte's mission is to integrate the global financial resources with their requirements through the progressive technology, and to create a fair, transparent and reliable fin-tech platform for financial professionals and financial institutions around the world.

Asakita chose to implement the system on Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes as it is a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) and is qualified by Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program.

Steven Zhong | VP, Hotel and Owner Solutions, IHG Greater China

Asakita is a leading peer to peer lending online platform in Indonesia that provides all your financial needs through customized micro loan services. Our products are made with one goal in mind; to simplify the long-winded verification processes for loans, facilitating the disbursement of loan funds in just 5 minutes.

Alibaba Cloud's responsive and dedicated support team offered premium support that allowed TNG Digital to find fast solutions to any problem 24/7. Also, the cutting-edge cloud technology as well as the comprehensive security solution, enabled TNG Digital to comply with the regulatory requirements for faster go to market product deliverables.

Steven Zhong | VP, Hotel and Owner Solutions, IHG Greater China

TNG Digital Sdn Bhd is a joint venture between Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd and Ant Financial Group. Together they have embarked on a journey to support a reliable mobile wallet for Malaysians. By employing the same Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure-As-A-Service platform as Alipay, TNG Digital was able to harness cloud computing and the latest cloud technologies to enable Malaysians with the power of mobile payments.

Migrating to Alibaba Cloud saved Cynopsis operating costs due to Alibaba Cloud’s elastic pricing models and the Galaxy program. As Cynopsis is a SaaS provider, Alibaba Cloud offers them top-notch IaaS and PaaS services to fulfill their every requirement. With extensive data center location throughout Asia, Alibaba Cloud also enables Cynopsis to grow as they expand into new Asian markets.

Steven Zhong | VP, Hotel and Owner Solutions, IHG Greater China

Cynopsis Solutions is a Regulation Technology Company founded and based in Singapore, helping clients in the Financial Services Sector and the Professional Services Sector to better comply with ever-increasing regulatory requirements, in particular anti-money laundering (AML), counter-terrorism financing (CTF) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC).

By migrating to Alibaba Cloud, Oniontech improved system integration and management on a single cloud provider, operating seamlessly among HK, Mainland China, and South Korea. As a one-stop cloud provider, Alibaba Cloud was able to completely fulfill Oniontech's computer, database, network, security, and hybrid cloud requirements.

Steven Zhong | VP, Hotel and Owner Solutions, IHG Greater China

One of the biggest hassles of tourists traveling abroad is standing in a long line at the airport refund counter and applying for a tax refund. Oniontech hopes to change this. It offers travelers and refund agencies an easy and affordable way to get tax refunds. Started in Korea, Oniontech also operates globally and is the world's premier tax refund solution.

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