The Forrester New Wave™: Public Cloud Enterprise Container Platforms, Q3 2019

The Alibaba Cloud Container Service ranks first in China and Top 3 globally.

Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)

A fully-managed service compatible with Kubernetes to help users focus on their applications rather than managing container infrastructure

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Enterprise Distributed Application Service

A PaaS platform for a variety of application deployment options and microservices solutions to help you monitor, diagnose, operate and maintain your applications

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According to the report, Alibaba Cloud Container Service ranked first in China and ranked third globally behind Google Cloud. Forrester analysts stated, "The Alibaba Cloud Container Service provides a wide range of development and application service support capabilities, and has a rich market Ecosystem and Partner system. It is the best choice for enterprises that seek to complete container cloud service capabilities in China.”

Alibaba Cloud in the Report

Alibaba Cloud stands out with robust ALM and integration features. Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes (ACK) and Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) support Istio, Spring Cloud, and Dubbo. It also provides support for a wide range of homegrown and third-party continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) tool chains. Its support for KubeFlow, Knative, Spark, and Flink addresses the needs for machine learning, big data, and serverless workloads.

Alibaba Cloud is the best fit for companies that need the richest cloud ecosystem in China. Alibaba Cloud is the largest public cloud service provider in China, with broad development and application services coverage and an extensive marketplace and partner ecosystem.

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