The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Data Warehouse, Q1 2021

Alibaba Cloud was named a Strong Performer in Cloud Data Warehouse, Q1 2021. Forrester commented that ‘Alibaba offers a broad range of infrastructure, platform, and analytics services, including MaxCompute, AnalyticDB, and DataWorks services to support various large-scale data warehouse use cases. Although most of Alibaba’s cloud data warehouse deployments are in China, MaxCompute, AnalyticDB, and DataWorks are available in 16 countries and regions, with customers in finance, internet, biomedical, energy, transportation, and media industries. Together, Alibaba’s MaxCompute, AnalyticDB, and DataWorks offer real-time and exabyte-scale capabilities to support any data warehouse requirement. ’


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Today, cloud data warehouse (CDW) solutions are changing the way we deliver modern analytics. They can provision any size data warehouse in minutes, autotune queries, scale resources such as compute and storage based on demand, and automatically upgrade to the latest version. To address the growing need for more integrated, real-time, and self-service analytics, CDW vendors continue to focus on native integration with data lakes and object stores; self-service to simplify access and administration for larger and more complex warehouses; and advanced capabilities on parallel processing, compression, partitioning, indexing, query optimization, and dynamic resource provisioning. The most common CDW use cases include customer analytics, AI/machine learning (ML)- based analytics, vertical-specific analytics, and real-time analytics.

Key Takeaways:

·Why Alibaba Cloud was named a Strong Performer

·How Alibaba Cloud's Data Warehouse services will be differentiated

·How major players perform in this report

·Why major players are positioned where they are

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