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In-depth analysis of hundreds of PB level data bus technology

Through the data bus, all kinds of heterogeneous data generated from servers, K8s, APP, Web, IoT/mobile terminals can be accessed in real time for unified data management, so as to achieve decoupling with downstream systems; After that, data cleaning, data distribution, real-time computing, offline computing and other computing processes can be realized asynchronously, and then the structured data can be delivered to the downstream analysis and archiving system, so as to achieve the goal of building a clear data flow.

Those hidden corners in Golang

This paper records some knowledge points worth learning when using Golang to develop function calculation and system problem troubleshooting.

Experience and method of improving system performance

The data assembly execution emergency link for fund verification has tens of millions of TPS concurrent volumes. At the same time, due to the characteristics of fund business, the system has very high requirements for availability and accuracy; In the daily development process, we will encounter various high availability problems, and continue to try to do some system design and performance optimization.

The import and export framework AGEIPort (GEI) is officially open source

AGEIPort is a set of data import and export solutions incubated by the digital supply chain and widely used in Alibaba Group with excellent performance, stability, reliability, rich functions, easy expansion, and ecological integrity. It is committed to helping developers quickly deliver high-performance, excellent experience, and easy maintenance data import and export functions under the complex ToB business scenario.

PolarDB implements cloud native to the end

On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, PolarDB released several important functions at the 2022 Cloud Habitat Conference. These functions further improve the product form of PolarDB and provide the ability to support various customer needs.

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