Message Queue for RabbitMQ

A distributed, fully managed, and professional messaging service that features high throughput, low latency, and high scalability. This service supports Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) and is fully compatible with open-source RabbitMQ. It also supports clients for different programming languages. The service is out-of-the-box and frees you from deployment and O&M. It allows you to easily migrate your business to the cloud while providing reliable and secure services.

New Features

The new message query feature allows you to view messages in real-time.

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Major Features

The monitoring and alerting feature enables the system to monitor and report alerts for various items, such as instances, virtual hosts (vHosts), and queues.

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Message Scheduling: You can send scheduled messages without first-in, first-out limits. You can enable message scheduling using simple parameter settings.

Dead-Letter Queue: A message whose retry times exceed the upper limit automatically enters a dead-letter queue.

Message Retry: It provides a flexible message retry mechanism to ensure messages are not lost.

Ease of Use

Seamless Migration: The service is fully compatible with AMQP and open-source RabbitMQ.

Fully-Managed: The fully managed Alibaba Cloud service frees you from O&M. Health inspections are performed for core links in seconds. Unhealthy links are reported with alerts and recovered quickly to ensure service availability.

Extreme Performance

High Performance: Millions of queues, scale-out of a single queue, and no concurrency limit

Auto Scaling: Strong scalability, user transparency, and linearly enhanced performance. You can use Auto Scaling based on your business requirements.

Message Accumulation: When a large number of messages are accumulated, it provides high performance without affecting cluster services.

High Security and Reliability

Access control is performed for each message based on vHosts, queues, and exchanges.

RAM users can access the service only after they are granted permission. The service supports whitelist-based access control, blacklist-based access control, and TLS-encrypted transmission.


Fully Compatible with Open Source RabbitMQ


Allows you to store messages in queues and provides partitions to store messages. A consumer can consume messages by cluster.


Allows you to bind exchanges to queues and specify binding keys. This way, an exchange can filter messages that match specific routing rules and route the messages to one or more queues. The exchange can also drop messages that do not match the rules.

Virtual Host (vHost)

Uses vHosts to meet isolation requirements, such as production and testing isolation and service splitting.

Various Types of Exchanges

Fanout Exchange

Routes messages to all the queues where the current exchange is bound

Direct Exchange

Routes a message to the queue whose binding key is the same as the routing key of the message

Topic Exchange

Routes a message to one or more queues based on the fuzzy match result between the routing key of the message and the binding keys of the current exchange

Complete O&M Tools

A series of complete, convenient, and easy-to-use O&M tools to help you identify and resolve issues

Monitoring and Alerting

Monitors active connections, message accumulation, and delayed message delivery to help you identify issues promptly

Resource Reports

Allows you to query devices, manage devices by group, and collect statistics on received and sent messages


Provides self-service resource management, self-service O&M, and RESTful APIs

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