Disaster Recovery

First-in-class automated disaster recovery mechanism with multi-AZ support

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For businesses with large-scale, mission critical web applications, it becomes crucial to maintain high availability for a seamless user experience. Although cloud infrastructure ensures protection through security services protecting applications from unfavorable attacks, you still need cross-data center deployments to provide additional security in case of emergencies or unfortunate events, such as data center downtime.

Solution Architecture

  1. The architecture diagram shows the distribution of all servers and database services across multiple availability zones to ensure disaster recovery on deployments across multiple data centers while acting as a single unit of the web application system.
  2. In the event one data center becomes unavailable, Server Load Balancer automatically detects the issue and directs all traffic to other in-service data centers. Relational databases can be purposely distributed across data centers within the same region to ensure high availability of the databases. If the master database becomes unavailable, the standby database will take effect and become the master database.


  • Excellent availability
  • Automatic failovers
  • Cost-effective DR mechanism
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