Last Updated: Sep 22, 2017

Welcome to Alibaba Cloud DirectMail. This document describes the APIs used to perform operations on DirectMail.

Before using these interfaces, make sure that you have fully understood the DirectMail product instructions, usage agreements, and billing methods.


Terminology English Description
AccountName Email address Sender addresses must be created in the console, and the sender addresses must be verified by Alibaba Cloud DirectMail.
Template Email template An email template must be created in advance for sending batch mails.
Receiver Recipient list A recipient list must be created in advance for sending batch mails.

Description of business resource type restrictions

DirectMail imposes restrictions on the number of sender addresses, email templates, recipient lists, and emails of every account. When using DirectMail Open API, refer to the latest business restrictions and resource type restrictions on the official website: Limits.

In the API description section, whenever there is a conflict with the resource or specification constraints given on the official website concerning optional parameter values or available specifications, the information on the official website prevails.

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