A scalable and high-performance content delivery service for accelerated distribution of content to users across the globe

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You can use content delivery network (CDN) to deliver content to users from the nodes that are nearest to them, accelerating the response to user requests and increasing the response rate. CDN also resolves the delivery latency problem that is usually caused by distribution, bandwidth, and server performance issues. CDN has been applied in multiple scenarios, including site acceleration, on-demand streaming, and live streaming.


Provides more than 2,800 nodes covering six continents and 120 Tbps of bandwidth, and supports major ISPs worldwide
High speed
Supports a response time of less than several milliseconds, intelligent connection selection, and a backbone network with 10-GE NICs and SSD storage to ensure the smoothness of content delivery.
Supports multiple native features, including horizontal service scaling, customizable console, multiple APIs, and simple architecture scaling.
Supports Pay-As-You-Go and other billing methods to achieve cost effective and high quality content delivery.


  • HTTPS-secured acceleration

    Provides a reliable enterprise-level acceleration service over HTTPS, to prevent hijacking, tampering, and leakage.

    End-to-end content delivery acceleration

    Uses HTTPS to secure client access, node interconnectivity, and origin fetch requests. To achieve secured acceleration, you only need to enable secured acceleration and upload the domain certificate or private key. You can also view, enable, disable, and edit domain certificates.

    Force HTTPS redirection

    Domain name-based site acceleration works with HTTPS-secured acceleration to support force redirection of HTTP requests to HTTPS.

  • High-performance and efficient caching model

    Supports intelligent popularity calculation and hierarchical caching of frequently requested resources. This enables you to precisely accelerate the resources that the users have requested.

    High-performance caching

    Supports load balancing among multiple vCPUs, efficient memory usage and management, and maximized input and output operations per second (IOPS) and throughput of SSD storage.

    Ultra read and write capabilities

    All nodes are configured with SSDs to support high-speed reading and writing to greatly reduce response time and increase availability.

    User-defined cache expiration time

    User-defined expiration rules for cached resources. This feature allows you to apply the rules to a /test/... path or a .html file.

    Request header customization

    Provides multiple parameters for customizing the header of HTTP requests.

  • Access control

    Supports multiple anti-leech features based on HTTP referer, user agent (UA) headers, IP addresses, and URL authentication verification.

    Access control based on HTTP referrer

    Provides a referer whitelist and blacklist to identify and filter visitors and limit access to resources.


    Supports an advanced anti-leech feature. This feature allows you to use authentication keys to encrypt URLs and protect resources on user origin sites.

    IP blacklist

    Blacklisted IP addresses are not allowed to access accelerated domains.

  • Performance optimization

    Supports web page optimization and smart compression to reduce the overhead of content delivery and accelerate the delivery.

    Web page optimization

    Removes redundant content on web pages (such as HTML pages), comments, and redundant spaces in JavaScript and CSS scripts.

    Smart compression

    Compresses static content files to efficiently reduce the size of content to be delivered.

    Parameter filtering

    Origin fetching removes parameters following the question mark (?) in URLs to increase the hit rate of the cache and improve the efficiency of content delivery.

  • Statistics and analysis

    Supports comprehensive data statistics, multi-dimensional analysis, and user profiling to boost business development.

  • Log management

    Provides a customized log service and storage persistence service for the ease of log downloading and analysis.

  • Image moderation

    Supports smart recognition of illicit content based on deep learning to minimize the risk of user violations.

Common Scenarios

  • Website acceleration
  • Downloading acceleration
  • On-demand streaming
  • Live Streaming
  • Mobile Accelerator
Website acceleration

Website acceleration

Supports automatic migration of cache hotspots with a response time of less than several milliseconds.

Bursts of user requests on a website increases the downlink bandwidth consumption, overloads the server, and results in a slow response time. CDN has provided more than 2,800 worldwide nodes and an intelligent scheduling system. This enables the users to access a myriad of static resources cached on nearby nodes.


  • Cost-effectiveness

    Spends less on downlink bandwidth than dedicated bandwidth to offload the bandwidth overhead on origin sites.

  • High performance

    Adopts the distributed system architecture and provides high-performance Alibaba Cloud caching software to achieve high stability and efficiency.

  • Efficient scheduling

    Supports real-time and comprehensive monitoring based on domain names and supports intelligent scheduling based on services.

Integrations and Configurations

Downloading acceleration

Downloading acceleration

Cost-effective, stable, and high-speed downloading

Accelerates downloading and the delivery of large files and on-demand streaming. Large files include MP4 file, FLV files, and files that are larger than 20 MB.


  • Reducing origin fetching costs

    CDN acceleration works with Object Storage Service (OSS) to save 66.7% of origin fetching costs.

  • High performance

    Adopts the distributed system architecture and provides high-performance Alibaba Cloud caching software to achieve high stability and efficiency.

  • Efficient scheduling

    Supports real-time and comprehensive monitoring based on domain names and supports intelligent scheduling based on services.

Integrations and Configurations

On-demand streaming

On-demand streaming

Faster and smoother on-demand streaming

Integrates video and audio uploading, automatic transcoding, and media resource management to provide an all-in-one acceleration solution for on-demand streaming. CDN also helps you build a secure, elastic, and highly customizable on-demand streaming platform or application.


  • Efficient, automatic, and professional media processing

    Supports user-defined video and audio processing workflows to save 20% of bandwidth costs, including visualized configuration of transcoding, screen capture, and watermarks, and narrowband HD transcoding.

  • Access control and copyright protection

    Supports HTTP referer blacklist and whitelist and advanced URL authentication to completely prevent leeches.

  • Smooth playback without frame freezing

    Provides stability and high performance with a cache hit rate higher than 95% and a response time of less than several milliseconds.

Integrations and Configurations

Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Extremely smooth live streaming based on simple development

CDN includes an industry-leading content access and delivery network, and the distributed real-time transcoding technology, to build a live streaming platform. CDN also offers an all-in-one acceleration solution for media resource storage, segment-based transcoding, access authentication, and content delivery.


  • High availability

    Works with Auto Scaling to quickly adjust the server bandwidth and handle burst traffic.

  • Scalability

    Works with ApsaraVideo Media Processing(MPS) to achieve high-speed, stable, and parallel transcoding. This allows you to seamlessly execute multiple transcoding tasks.

  • Fast video decoding

    Caches groups of pictures (GOPs) of frames on CDN edge nodes. This allows mobile playback clients to buffer the content.

Integrations and Configurations

Mobile Accelerator

Mobile Accelerator

Compatibility with multiple platforms for smooth mobile network experience.

Accelerates the delivery of mobile app update files (apk files) and pictures, pages, small video files, and user-generated content (UGC) in mobile apps. CDN also supports HTTPDNS service for DNS hijacking prevention and precise DNS address resolution.


  • Anti-hijacking

    Works with HTTPDNS to implement intelligent and precise routing. This allows users to quickly access nearby resources.

  • Compatibility with multiple platforms

    Provides iOS and Android SDKs, deeply optimizes multiple protocols, and supports connection multiplexing and request header compression.

  • Static and dynamic content acceleration

    Supports the acceleration of both static and dynamic content and highly-efficient caching of static content.


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