New Features

MaxCompute - Dual-signature Authentication for Hologres External Tables

Sep 24 2022

In MaxCompute, you can create a Hologres external table in dual-signature authentication mode. This feature helps significantly improve the efficiency of creating external tables.

Target customers: customers who want to use real-time data warehousing and offline data warehousing and customers who want to perform online data analytics. Features released: The dual-signature authentication mode is an authentication protocol that is developed based on MaxCompute and Hologres. After the user logon information and signature are used on MaxCompute, authentication data is sent to Hologres. Then, Hologres performs authentication by using the same username based on the protocol that is compatible with the underlying layer of MaxCompute. This way, you can directly access external tables if you use the same Alibaba Cloud account to access MaxCompute and Hologres. You do not need to configure additional authentication information.

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