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  • In this five-part video series find out how cloud computing is promoting sustainability, learn about exciting new innovations in both in-store and online retail, identify growth opportunities in the metaverse, discover how digital transformation is driving the future of finance, and uncover some of the cutting-edge tech likely to impact society in the next five years.

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Series Videos

Sustainability and the Rise of Green Technology

Explore how cloud computing is helping companies slash carbon emissions and promote green technologies.

Tech and the Future of Retail

Learn how cloud computing is fuelling innovation in both in-store and online retail to improve the omnichannel experience.

Digital Transformation and the Future of Finance

Discover how technologies such as blockchain and machine learning are shaping the future of payments and the fintech industry.

Cutting-Edge Tech and the Cloud

In this episode, we introduce the top tech breakthroughs likely to impact society in the next five years.

Growth Opportunities in the Metaverse

Discover how the Metaverse delivers immersive experience for connected work spaces and enhanced customer experiences.


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Selina Yuan

Alibaba Group VP & Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Int'l President

Selina Yuan leads the international division of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Group, heading a global team across APAC, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East, enabling cloud technology for millions of customers around the world. Selina brings more than 20 years of experience in leading and growing technology businesses globally.

Yangqing Jia

Senior Fellow of the Computing Platform BU, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence
Head of the System for AI Lab (SAIL), DAMO Academy

Prior to Alibaba, Yangqing served as Director of AI Infrastructure at Facebook and research scientist at Google Brain. He has years of experience in open source AI solutions and standards, with prior work including Caffe, TensorFlow, PyTorch 1.0, and ONNX.

David Scott Linthicum

Chief Cloud Strategy Officer Deloitte Consulting

David Linthicum is on most top 10 lists of technology innovators and influencers, including cloud computing, edge computing, and security concepts. David is a best-selling author of over 15 books and over 7,000 published articles. He is also the originator of many business-related technology concepts, including Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). He’s an innovator within Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and now cloud computing and the use of cloud computing for digital transformations.

Blesson Varghese

Reader in Computer Science and Director of Edge Computing Hub, University of St Andrews

Blesson Varghese is a Reader in Computer Science at the University of St Andrews and directs the Edge Computing Hub ( He was the recipient of the 2021 IEEE Rising Star Award from the Technical Committee on the Internet for fundamental contributions to edge computing and held a Royal Society industry fellowship for exploring trust at the edge with UK’s largest telecoms and network provider, BT. More information is available at

Ruirui Huang

Director of Cloud Architecture / Chief Architect of Infrastructure Products, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Dr. Huang graduated from Cornell University with a Ph.D. degree specializing in computer architecture research. Since joining Alibaba Cloud, he serves as the Director of Cloud Architecture and as the secretary general of the architectural committee of Alibaba Cloud. He is responsible for the overall Apsara platform architectural design.

Lionel Chok

Chief Metaverse Officer, Hatten Land Limited

Since graduating with Distinction, Lionel returned to Singapore and founded iMMERSiVELY - a creative startup specialising in developing and delivering immersive tech applications and solutions across various industries. He has since also served as a contributor for Forbes Asia, committee member (ARVR) for SIGGRAPH Asia, and is a much sought after consultant and speaker in XR in South East Asia.
Today, as part of the acquisition of iMMERSiVELY by Hatten Land (2021), he serves as Chief Metaverse Officer to bring to life - a brand new Hatten Metaverse.

Thao Dang

Head of Enterprise Modernisation, Platforms and Cloud, Thoughtworks SEA

Thao currently leads the Enterprise Modernisation, Platforms and Cloud service line at Thoughtworks SEA, working closely with clients to help accelerate business values through modernising legacy technologies, leveraging the cloud and platform strategies. Prior to that, Thao worked in various tech leadership roles, from a Tech Principal guiding teams across multiple projects on architecture & security to being the Head of Technology at Thoughtworks SEA. She currently lives in Singapore and enjoys many outdoor activities such as rock climbing, cycling and kayaking.

Kan Yang

Head of SEA Regional Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

With over ten years of experience in Big Data, Yang Kan leads Alibaba Cloud big data and AI business strategy and solutions for APAC. He and his team are dedicated to building solutions for retail clients, helping them adopt cutting-edge and cloud-native data intelligence solutions to drive business growth.

Thomas Knox

Forbes Technology Council, Head of Product AiFi

Thomas is a dynamic, accomplished product leader with progressive experience in Product Strategy, Agile Development Methodologies, and Roadmap Development for industry leaders including Aifi, STRV, and As an analytical, mission-driven, and goal-oriented professional, he has led teams through all stages of development on mobile and web-based applications, as well as hardware integrations, computer vision, and sensor fusion technologies; utilizing tools such as machine learning and positive design patterns.

Garry Sien

Global Lead Architect of Global Financial Services Solutions, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Garry Sien leads the Global Financial Services Solutions function for Alibaba Cloud, and is an International Technologist with extensive experience in digital transformation for the financial services sector. Garry is currently serving as the co-chair of the Fintech Association of Hong Kong’s Cloud and Cybersecurity committee.

Chaitra Vedullapalli

Co Founder & CMO for Meylah, Co-Founder & President Women In Cloud

Chaitra Vedullapalli is recognized as an influential Business Leader with a passion to enable digital equality and access to achieve economic prosperity in our communities. She is the Co-Founder and CMO of Meylah focused on helping customers to modernize their business with Cloud solutions.
She is also the Co-Founder & President of Women in Cloud, sits on the board of several companies and drives global conversations with the United Nations and top corporations.

Harish Shah

Professional Futurist

Harish is an autodidact and a polymath from Singapore who strives to stay ahead of his time. As a Professional Futurist, he offers insights on a wide variety of topics, including Industry 4.0, HR 4.0, Internet of Everything, Smart Products, Immersive Technologies, the Future of Work, the Future of Marketing and Extended Reality (XR). His consulting business, Stratserv Consultancy, has been registered in and operating out of Singapore since 2013. Harish graduated from The University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2007, with triple Majors in Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations (Commerce) and Management.

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