Local Public Cloud

This solution helps Internet Data Center (IDC) operators and telecommunication operators build a local public cloud from scratch to comply with data protection regulations and maximize profits via a multi-tenant cloud business support system (Cloud Revenue Engine) for cloud business.


Local Public Cloud enables enterprises to turn an idle IT resource into a cloud resource and offers continuous cloud operation and maintenance support to local customers. This converts your IDC from a cost center to a profit center, simultaneously meeting local data protection compliance requirements.

Alibaba Cloud (in collaboration with Whale Cloud) provides the one-stop Local Public Cloud solution that enables Internet Data Centers (IDCs) and telecommunication companies (telcos) to implement a revenue engine for cloud businesses. This solution is a great match for fixed-line operators that already have sufficient bandwidth resources and IDCs determined to digitize service offerings to the existing customer base.

Local Public Cloud provides an upgraded virtualization suite. It is a modern, technically capable, and sustainable toolbox, filling the gap of on-premises cloud business operations.

Run IT as a Profit Center

Allow IDC operators to monetize legacy infrastructures regardless of legacy cloud or outright bare metal. Provide IaaS service to internal and external customers

Expand Business to the Cloud

Provide you with cloud stack and operation tools to realize telco-cloud bundles and extend your product portfolios

Comply with Data Protection Regulations

Fully deployed on-premises and solely managed by your staff, assuring governments and public organizations with data privacy and information security compliance

Solution Highlights

Telco-Grade Billing Capabilities

This solution offers telco-grade billing capabilities, including an agile charging model, bundle and price management, and multiple campaign tools to meet operational requirements for running cloud businesses.

Configurable Pricing and Flexible Profit Margins

The multi-tenant Cloud Business Support Systems (Cloud Revenue Engine) generate remunerative values. You can benefit from overbooking controlled resources in shared instances, increasing the utilization of the Apsara Stack cluster, and adjusting profit margins agilely according to the traffic.

One-Stop Cloud Operation Toolsets

Cloud Revenue Engine offers a ‘home page’ for end users’ online self-service and they can easily view bills, orders and cloud resource consumption details through the ‘user center’. A webpage-level, pre-integrated native platform product console gives end users access to the full features of cloud resources.

Supreme Elasticity with Full-Stack Capabilities

Alibaba Cloud Apsara Stack provides hyper scalability with 70+ full-stack product portfolios and over 10,000 servers in a single region. With Apsara Stack, you can efficiently operate and manage resources, applications, and data through its unified management portal with multi-tenancy support and multi-layered security.

20+ Years of Telecom Industry Know-How

Whale Cloud brings digital transformation technologies and data intelligence services to global enterprise customers with two decades of experience in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), serving 150+ telecom operators and 800+ million end users worldwide.

Fast and Customized Deployment Services

Alibaba Cloud and Whale Cloud provide on-premises deployment of Apsara Stack. With our end-to-end delivery services, you can build a stable, reliable, and secure cloud system in as quick as two months.

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How It Works

The Local Public Cloud solution consists of Apsara Stack from Alibaba Cloud and Cloud Revenue Engine (CRE) from Whale Cloud.
Apsara Stack offers a highly reliable private cloud environment and supports hyper-scale clusters with more than 10,000 servers in each region, setting you free from any capacity concerns. It covers a wide range of cloud services, including computing, storage, networking, data analysis, and security solutions, to fulfill the computing needs in any business.
Cloud Revenue Engine is a pre-integrated resource management, monetization and monitoring solution for cloud business operations. The solution includes all the tools necessary to run your own cloud, including homepage, live chat and ticketing, as well as telco-grade charging, billing and settlement for customer and cloud partners.

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In Partnership with Whale Cloud

Whale Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology company dedicated to helping enterprises succeed in digital economy. Whale Cloud's telecom BSS and OSS products have made it one of the world's top vendors in the global telecom software industry. It has built its core competitiveness in communications software, operation services, cloud computing, big data analytics, AI, and Internet architecture.

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