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A supply chain is a network of individuals, organizations, resources and technologies involved in the planning, sourcing, manufacturing, delivery and logistics in the creation and sale of products. Alibaba Cloud utilizes several capabilities to power your supply chain: Alibaba Group's global leading e-commerce capabilities, Ant Group's payment capabilities, and Cainiao’s global logistics network.

Alibaba Cloud leverages advanced AI and data intelligence technologies and integrated communication capabilities to support secure, compliant, and elastic infrastructure of computing, storage, and cross-border networking. As a result, global customers benefit from intelligent, efficient, and reliable supply chain solutions which break the bottlenecks of each segment in the supply chain. In doing so, Alibaba Cloud helps you integrate with local industry ecosystems and meet various business needs of resources, products, and business. All while achieving an optimal cost/performance ratio.

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AI Supply Chain

This solution helps you build and manage an agile, intelligent, and cost-efficient supply chain with end-to-end monitoring and management; inventory health examination, accurate demand forecast, and intelligent replenishment.

Smart Logistics on Alibaba Cloud

This solution helps you keep your logistics robust, on schedule and with the pace of customer demands based on automated operations and full-link management system; high-accuracy address processing capability, and an AI-powered real-time dispatching service.

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