About Alibaba Cloud's Sports Solutions
Alibaba Cloud's Sports Solutions enhance every aspect of the sports industry from the performance and safety of athletes, to the experience of sports fans spectating in the stands or at home. Our sports solutions include crowd monitoring and prediction, immersive spectator experience, security, performance analytics, digital communications, and interactive video highlights and replays.
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Why Alibaba Cloud?

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    Making operations for sporting venues safer, smoother, and more efficient
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    A more interactive experience for spectators at stadiums and fans at home
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    Real-time and detailed performance data analytics for athletes and coaches

Sport Solution Architectures

Web Application Hosting
Digital Fans
Digital Fans
Modern fans expect to be able to purchase tickets and merchandise online anytime, anywhere. Providing a smooth and efficient online experience - especially when sports fans come from all around the world - is a mammoth task.
Key Products & Services
Multi-angle Video
Multi-angle Video
Fans want to see the game from every angle. Alibaba Cloud's Multi-angle Video Replay solution captures in-game video from multiple cameras, performs storage and transcoding, and then identifies replay-worthy short video segments using Video AI technology.
Key Products & Services
Instant Highlights
Instant Highlights
The penalty kick and the last minute goal, these are the highlights the fans come to see! Now, what if it can be automated? Alibaba Cloud's AI Enabled Recaps and Highlights solution makes this possible so you can have instant highlights.
Key Products & Services
Athletic Performance
Athletic Performance
Alibaba Cloud's Athletic Performance Analytics solution can help collect data about athlete's movements and analyze that data using AI-based methods which can provide immediate feedback to athletes and trainers.
Key Products & Services

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Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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