Live shopping is the next revenue driver for global retailers and livestreaming service providers. Alibaba Cloud ApsaraVideo Live, an end-to-end livestreaming solution, lets you engage shoppers via a live shopping platform across social media, apps, and websites with high definition and low latency livestreaming capabilities. ApsaraVideo Live provides streaming and video playing SDKs that incorporate Taobao and Tmall’s years of e-commerce experience into features, such as product advertisement insertion, real-time audio and subtitle translation, human interaction, and picture-in-picture product promotion. This makes ApsaraVideo Live an out-of-the-box live shopping solution that can also record the shopping video and play it back through ApsaraVideo VOD.

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Customer Success Stories

Tokopedia is the leading marketplace platform in Indonesia, empowering millions of merchants and consumers to participate in the future of commerce. Tokopedia’s vision is to build an ecosystem where everyone can start and discover anything with ease.

Alibaba Cloud provided Tokopedia with a one-stop solution to access the livestreaming market. The video upstreaming SDK and player SDK save R&D costs, and CDN global acceleration solution optimizes links and resources for Indonesia and Southeast Asian countries to ensure fast and stable user access, and supports high concurrency and low latency.

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Solution Highlights

One-Stop, End-to-End Livestreaming Solution

This solution incorporates the entire livestreaming workflow into one product, ApsaraVideo Live, from video streaming, processing, content delivering to the edge, playing over a secure, fast, and reliable global CDN network.

Advancing Live Shopping Dedicated Features

Alibaba Group's rich experience in e-commerce greatly supports online shopping scenarios, including shopper/seller interactions, picture-in-picture live promotion, and livestreaming moderation.

HD Viewing Experience

Alibaba Cloud's best-in-class Narrowband HD™ transcoding technology lowers bitrate by 20%-30% and guarantees HD quality to display product details clearly during livestreaming.

Out-of-the-Box Livestreaming SDKs

The network-adaptive streaming SDK provides easy-to-use APIs to upstream videos on mainstream platforms and devices in real-time. The player SDK can be integrated as needed to provide a fast, secure, and stable video playback service.

Global CDN with Ultra-Low Latency

Use this solution to leverage Alibaba Cloud's CDN that covers 3200+ nodes globally with a bandwidth of 180Tbps that brings down your global network latency to less than 2 seconds

Fast Deployment at a Low-Cost

Save time and costs from infrastructure building and daily operations and get cloud storage and networking, video streaming and decoding SDK, real-time transcoding, and content delivering capabilities easily

How It Works

The upstreaming SDK provides easy-to-use APIs compatible with iOS and Android and third-party upstreaming software. Its network-adaptive capabilities and popular functions, such as facial beautification, improve the user experience for streamers.

Transcoding: Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR) adjusts video resolution according to shoppers' network conditions for a smooth viewing experience. Digital Rights Management (DRM) supports Widevine and Fairplay to protect copyright.
Cloud Program Directing: This solution supports ad insertion, brand logo display, product-commercial integration, and customized picture layout, to enhance product promotion. It also supports audio/text recognition and two-way translation between Chinese, English, French, Spanish, and Russian in real-time, with built-in language templates for quick and flexible use in cross-region scenarios.
Processing: Video moderation recognizes inappropriate content to guarantee compliance. You can record videos in ApsaraVideo VOD to edit later or replay to shoppers.

Video Play
Alibaba Cloud's CDN and webrtc-based RTS protocol bring latency down to 2 seconds in global networks. The Video Play SDK is compatible with multiple mainstream platforms and devices. Instant Messaging (IM) SDK provides social features, such as live commenting and thumb-up reactions for live interactions.

ApsaraVideo Live

Provide high-definition and uninterrupted live audio and video services

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ApsaraVideo VOD

Build secure, scalable, and highly customizable VOD platforms and applications with efficient

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ApsaraVideo Live Stream Ingest SDK

  • Room Creation
  • Background Music
  • Facial Beautification

Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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  • ISO 27001
  • SOC2 Type II Report
  • C5
  • MPAA
  • TPN

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