Global Internet Access enables you to connect on-premise servers from IDCs to the Internet with high quality, high reliability, fast speed, and robust security with up to 5 Gbps free Anti-DDoS. Optionally, you can use the Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP) approach to keep your IP the same and use Anycast EIP to reduce network latency to milliseconds.

Solution Highlights

High Speed Internet Access

Accelerate your Internet access with Alibaba Cloud’s robust global Internet resources and enjoy low latency and low packet loss, leveraging Anycast EIP to build an easy-to-deploy-and-maintenance network.

Premium Mainland China Route

Enjoy extremely fast Internet between Mainland China and overseas by leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s dedicated links between Mainland China and overseas. Users in Mainland China can enhance their application performance and reduce latency to one millisecond.

Bring Your Own IP

Bring Your Own IP Address to Alibaba Cloud and keep your IP address the same when leveraging global Internet access. Achieve easier maintenance and meet compliance requirements through BYOIP.

Robust Global Network

Improve the connection quality through Alibaba Cloud's global network covering 89 availability zones in 30 regions worldwide with optimal routing and acceleration for apps and websites

High Elasticity Bandwidth

Adjust the bandwidth in seconds in response to traffic fluctuations and business changes to save time and costs in upgrading and downgrading infrastructures

Advanced Security Capabilities

Take advantage of the built-in Anti-DDoS capabilities to protect your network and integrate Alibaba Cloud security products quickly for advanced business requirements

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How It Works

This solution allows IDC servers to access the public network through NAT Gateway and Elastic IP (EIPs). NAT Gateway enables the ECS instances to connect to the Internet by mapping any associated EIPs to them. The EIP can also bind to a shared bandwidth for better utilization rates. NAT Gateway monitors traffic in various dimensions and helps locate instances quickly with sudden traffic spikes to eradicate congestion. Your IDC is connected to the configured Alibaba Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) through a Virtual Border Router (VBR). This process routes traffic between the VPC and the data center and supports BGP for a more flexible and reliable hybrid cloud architecture. If some servers in your data center need public IP addresses, these addresses will be aggregated by SNAT to save additional address space.


  • • Lower costs with flexible pay-as-you-go billing methods
    • Higher Internet access quality with flexible bandwidth
    • Automatic failover and enhanced disaster recovery capabilities
    • Built-in anti-DDoS function and easy integration with other security products

NAT Gateway

Enables multiple instances within a VPC to communicate with the Internet

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Elastic IP Address

Decouples public IP addresses from ECS instances and facilitates management

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Virtual Private Cloud

Provides an isolated cloud network to operate resources in a secure environment

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This solution allows your applications to access the public cloud through Server Load Balancer (SLB) in an Alibaba Cloud VPC. Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) facilitates communication between VPCs and on-premises data centers. SLB connects CEN to the Internet with multiple protocols on layer 4 and layer 7 based on business requirements, provides disaster recovery at multiple levels to ensure high availability, and offers free built-in security capabilities to safeguard data transmission. Your data center is connected to the CEN through a VBR, which routes traffic between the CEN and the data center and supports BGP for a more flexible and reliable hybrid cloud. Servers in the data center are connected to the Internet and can provide services to Internet users.


  • • Enhanced service capabilities with access traffic scheduling
    • High availability and load balancing supported by SLB health checks
    • Cross-region disaster recovery capabilities
    • Application-based load balancing for efficient application delivery

Cloud Enterprise Network

Provides a hybrid and distributed global network with high scalability and advanced communication capabilities

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Server Load Balancer

Distributes network traffic across backend servers to improve the service capability and application availability

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Virtual Private Cloud

Provides an isolated cloud network to operate resources in a secure environment

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Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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  • ISO 27001
  • SOC2 Type II Report
  • C5
  • MLPS 2.0
  • MTCS

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