Container Management for AIOps

Improve O&M efficiency and overall system security with Alibaba Cloud Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) solution


Alibaba Cloud provides a range of functionalities to support AIOps, helping you monitor and optimize the security of your applications, diagnose service issues based on Kubernetes best practices, and facilitate troubleshooting with advice based on diagnosis results.

Cluster Security Inspection

Alibaba Cloud provides out-of-the-box security features to identify and address security flaws and compliance issues in the workloads of Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) clusters based on configurable security policies, so you can detect and resolve risks in time with minimal manual intervention.

Cluster Regular Inspection

ACK provides basic diagnostic capabilities for clusters based on the best practices of Kubernetes. You can view the detailed information of diagnosis result including the diagnostic items and troubleshooting advice for common errors to locate and resolve the issues quickly.

Rule-Based Security Control

ACK provides security risk detection reports based on the rules of Kubernetes best practices. You can leverage the advice for troubleshooting with sample code to accurately resolve these risks.

Abnormal Event Alerting

Log Service (SLS) allows you to set alerts to monitor the operations that are performed on specific resources in real time. Alerts can be sent via SMS messages, DingTalk chatbots, emails, custom webhooks, and Message Center of the Alibaba Cloud Management Console.

Resource Pressure/Quota

ASM provides resource pressure and quota inspection capability to examine issues such as insufficient quota on VPC route entries, or excessive SLB connections. You can resolve these issues without looking up the threshold values.

Node/Pod/Network Diagnosis

ACK can also perform diagnosis on nodes, pods, networks, kubeDNS, etc., with troubleshooting advice. You can specify a node or pod for small-scale diagnosis to minimize O&M workload.

Node Pool Self-Healing

ACK provides self-healing capability for node pools managed by Alibaba Cloud. Nodes and Dockers that are not working will be ready again after self-healing. You can see the relevant events in the Event Center of ACK.

Solution Highlights

  • A Leader in Public Cloud Container Platforms

    Accelerate container-based application development and O&M for the global market based on Alibaba Cloud’s full-stack cloud-native capabilities, with proven experience recognized by The Forrester Wave™

  • Quick Fix for Common Security Issues

    Reduce O&M costs with the regular inspection function that automatically detects and reports high-frequency issues regarding resource pressure and quota

  • Kubernetes Best Practices

    Enhance overall system stability with the security inspection function that detects abnormality in conflict with Kubernetes best practices and sends alerts with detailed information

  • Comprehensive Troubleshooting Capability

    Resolve errors and security risks in pods, nodes, and networks quickly with detailed diagnostic information, root cause analysis, troubleshooting advice, and self-healing capability for node pools

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