Smart Access Gateway

SmartAG provides an end-to-end cloud deployment solution for connecting hardware and software to Alibaba Cloud.

Smart Access Gateway (SmartAG) provides an end-to-end cloud deployment solution. This allows enterprises to connect to the nearest VPC through encrypted connections, and enables intelligent, reliable, and secure business system deployment on the cloud.

Service Benefits

An out-of-the-box service that supports automatic configurations and dynamically adjusts network settings to adapt to network topology changes.
On-premises networks are connected to the nearest Alibaba Cloud infrastructure through the Internet. Device-based and link-based high availability ensure reliable connections between on-premises networks and Alibaba Cloud.
Provides encrypted connections among private networks. Data transmitted over the Internet is encrypted and authenticated.
Centralized Management
Allows you to configure and manage Smart Access Gateway devices in the console.


Security and Encryption

Data is encrypted during transmission to ensure data security.

Data Encryption

Encrypts data based on Internet Key Exchange (IKE) and Internet Protocol Security (IPsec).


Authenticates data sources to prevent replay attacks.


Provides multiple methods to authenticate data.

Flexible Connection Modes

Provides multiple connection modes to satisfy different network requirements.

Through Dedicated Connections

Supports using leased lines provided by ISPs to establish reliable, high-performance, and low-latency network connections with Alibaba Cloud.

Through Broadband Internet Connections

Supports using exiting broadband Internet services to connect to Alibaba Cloud.

Through 4G Network Connections

Supports using 4G networks to connect to Alibaba Cloud in areas that do not provide broadband or Wi-Fi services.

High Availability

Provides high availability to eliminate single points of failure (SPOFs).

Device-based High Availability

Supports active and standby devices to implement automatic failover when errors occur.

Link-based High Availability

Each gateway provides two encrypted links to implement automatic optimal link selection and real-time link failover when errors occur.

Access point-based High Availability

Each device is connected to two access points to implement access point failover when errors occur.


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