Machine Translation

Relying on Alibaba's leading natural language processing and deep learning technology, based on massive e-commerce data, we provide customized high-quality machine translation services for Alibaba Cloud users.

Levering its leading natural language processing technology and massive e-commerce data, Alibaba Translate has developed a deep neural network translation (NMT) system based on the attention mechanism. At present, the system has been widely used in various e-commerce-linked services for basic data fields, including SEO, searches, product titles, product details, product comments, instant messaging, and risk control. Alibaba Translate helps resolve all language barriers for global websites and software. In addition to tiered discounts, buyers of resource packages now can invoke the system to translate 1 million characters free of charge each month.


  • Easy-to-Use API

    Standardized API encapsulation greatly reduces the R&D cost

  • Stable and Reliable

    99.99% service reliability; data centers deployed worldwide; capacity to decode a single sentence in 100 milliseconds with a single machine

  • Leading Algorithm

    The most advanced end-to-end deep learning framework; hundreds of millions of sentence pairs for e-commerce; multi-lingual knowledge base of tens of millions of e-commerce entries

  • Solutions for Diversified E-commerce Scenarios

    Optimized for various e-commerce scenarios such as title, attribute, search, comment, and communication; support flexible real-time intervention

Products and Services

Machine Translation - E-commerce

Provide high-quality e-commerce translation between English and Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesian and other languages. In-depth optimization of product titles, product descriptions, product searches, etc.

Machine Translation of the universal edition

Machine Translation provides high-quality translation between Chinese and English. It adopts Alibaba's advanced neural network translation model, and is applicable to daily communication, traveling abroad, and other scenarios.

Application Scenarios

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