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2X Cost-efficiency than open-source Elasticsearch engine, Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch helps users easy to build AI-powered search applications seamlessly integrated with large language models, and featuring for the enterprise: robust access control, security monitoring, and automatic updates.

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New AI Search Solution with Elasticsearch

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● Vector search
● Sparse encoder model
● ML inference: sentiment, NER
● Hybrid search with RRF
● New architecture for Serverless


2X Cost-efficiency
With high-performance search engine powered by Alibaba Cloud, 2X Cost-efficiency than self-built solutions
High Elasticity
Exceptional elastic scalability to meet peak business demands, ensuring uninterrupted services and system stability
Open Source Compatible
Native Elasticsearch users can seamlessly transition and utilize our services, facilitating a swift cloud adoption for your business
System deployment, scaling, and alarm management are handled seamlessly without user intervention, allowing businesses to operate without disruption


  • AI Search Integrated with LLM

    AI Search Integrated with LLM

    Incorporates state-of-the-art relevance ranking with BM25f and hybrid search, plus management of custom transformer models for context-specific searches, enhanced by integrating with large language models such as Qwen.

  • High Relevance Semantic Search

    High Relevance Semantic Search

    Offers machine learning-enabled search with zero model training, leveraging Elasticsearch vector database for creating and searching dense embeddings and providing semantic search capabilities through the Learned Sparse Encoder.

  • Hybrid Information Retrieval

    Hybrid Information Retrieval

    Delivers petabyte-scale, multilingual full-text and vector-based searches with rapid responses via RESTful APIs and supports hybrid ranking techniques like Reciprocal Rank Fusion for a tailored AI search experience.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Natural Language Processing

    Supports extensive NLP tasks and models, allowing searches across dense embeddings and the use of third-party transformer models, complemented by tools like LangChain for building AI-powered data applications.

  • Comprehensive Management Platform

    Comprehensive Management Platform

    Provides an array of tools for data aggregation, analysis, and visualization, including Kibana for multi-scenario monitoring, remote account integration, and RBAC for secure, enterprise-grade data management.

  • Cloud-Native Platform Excellence

    Cloud-Native Platform Excellence

    Features a cloud-native Elasticsearch service with fully managed clusters, high availability, elastic orchestration, lifecycle management, security, and cost-effective Serverless computing options in partnership with

Customer Scenarios

  • AI Search
  • Log/Indicator Analysis
  • Web Hosting
  • Security
AI Search

AI Search

Vector Search

  • Offering a powerful toolkit for building AI-driven search applications compatible with Generative AI and large language models (LLMs).

Semantic Search

  • As the backbone of semantic or similarity search, Elasticsearch uncovers relevant content even without exact keyword matches.

Intelligent Question Answering

  • By converting knowledge base documents into text embeddings and leveraging modern natural language processing (NLP) techniques, Elasticsearch enables full-text answers to complex questions.

Personalized Recommendations

  • Embedding models adeptly recognize similar documents and their corresponding vectors in the embedding space, facilitating personalized recommendations.

Log/Indicator Analysis

Log/Indicator Analysis

Analysis Scenarios

By analyzing access logs and behavior logs, you can quickly obtain relevant indicators and deliver them to business users

System Log Analysis

  • Error analysis for System Maintenance Logs help administrators quickly locate errors

Behavior Log Analysis

  • User behavior logs can help with business development by analyzing user visits and other data

Operation Performance Analysis

  • Helps adjust operation strategies in real time by collecting and analyzing page and performance data

Recommended Service Integration

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Search Scenarios

Performs quick indexing of data on the site, helping with the quick indexing and precise searching of existing data

Full-text search

  • Search products, documents, and social networking information within the site

Elasticsearch Relevance Engine (ESRE)

  • Enables AI-powered search to provide highly relevant, semantic search

Recommended Service Integration



Analysis Scenarios

For security business logs

Security Indicator Analysis

  • Business statistics, analysis, and visual reports

Security Risk Mining

  • Monitors and analyzes business data and system operation data

Recommended Service Integration

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