This topic provides you with the Elasticsearch of Alibaba Cloud, Kibana. API operations. If you want to use an interface that is not described in this document, contact Alibaba Cloud Technical support engineers.


Category API Description
Instance management createInstance Create an Elasticsearch instance.
ListInstance List all or specified instances in detail.
DescribeInstance Query detailed information about a specified Elasticsearch instance.
RestartInstance Restart a specified Elasticsearch instance.
UpdateInstance Modify the information of a specified database instance, such as the number of nodes, instance quota, instance name, and storage.
UpdateInstanceChargeType Change the billing method of a pay-as-you-go instance to subscription.
UpdateDescription Update the name of a specified instance.
DeleteInstance Releases a specified pay-as-you-go Elasticsearch instance. After the instance is released, the physical resources of the instance is reclaimed. The data of the instance is deleted and cannot be recovered. The disks mounted to the instance nodes and the snapshots are released.
RenewInstance Reneinstance to renew a subscription instance.
ActivateZones Restores the node in the disabled zone to ActivateZones. This parameter is only valid for multi-zone instances.
DeactivateZones When multiple zones are available, you can bring some zones offline. And migrate the nodes from the original zone to another zone.
InterruptElasticsearchTask Interrupt a Elasticsearch instance. Valid only for instances in the active state. After an instance is interrupted, the instance enters the suspended state.
Tag management ListTagResources Query tags that are attached to one or more resources.
TagResources Creates a relationship between tag resources.
UntagResources Deletes the tag relationship of a user resource.
Data migration GetTransferableNodes Obtain the nodes that can be used for data migration, specifying the node type and the number of nodes.
ValidateTransferableNodes Check whether data on certain nodes in a specified instance can be migrated.
TransferNode Runs a data migration task.
CancelTask Cancel a data migration task.
Instance upgrade and downgrade GetSuggestShrinkableNodes Specify the node type and number to obtain the nodes that can be removed.
ValidateShrinkNodes Check whether certain nodes in a specified instance can be scaled in.
ShrinkNode Remove a node from a cluster.
UpgradeEngineVersion Upgrade the Elasticsearch instance version or kernel patch version. You can only upgrade an instance from version 6.3 to Version 6.7.
Cluster Configuration UpdateInstanceSettings Update the YML configuration of a specified instance.
UpdateHotIkDicts Update the IK dictionary for the Elasticsearch instance.
UpdateSynonymsDicts Update the Synonym Dictionary of the Elasticsearch instance.
UpdateAdvancedSetting Change the garbage collector configuration of a specified instance.
Plug-in management ListPlugins Query plug-ins on a specified Elasticsearch instance.
InstallSystemPlugin Install a system preset plug-in.
UninstallPlugin Uninstall the preset plug-in.
Log query ListSearchLog View the instance log.
Security Settings TriggerNetwork Enables or disables Internet or intranet access to Elasticsearch and Kibana.
UpdatePrivateNetworkWhiteIps Update the VPC whitelist for a specified instance.
UpdatePublicWhiteIps Update the UpdatePublicWhiteIps whitelist of a specified instance.
UpdatePublicNetwork Enable or disable the public endpoint of a specified instance.
UpdateAdminPassword Update the password of the elastic account of a specified instance.
OpenHttps Enable the HTTPS protocol. Before enabling a client node, make sure that you have purchased client nodes.
CloseHttps Close the HTTPS protocol.
AddConnectableCluster Configure instance interconnection through AddConnectableCluster.
DeleteConnectedCluster Remove the interconnected instance.
Data backup DescribeSnapshotSetting Get the data backup configuration of the cluster.
UpdateSnapshotSetting Update the backup data of a specified instance.
ListSnapshotReposByInstanceId Query the OSS repository configurations across clusters of the current instance.
ListAlternativeSnapshotRepos Get the OSS reference warehouses that can be added to the current instance.


API Description
DescribeKibanaSettings Obtain the Kibana configuration.
UpdateKibanaSettings Modify the Kibana configuration. Only the Kibana language can be modified.
ListKibanaPlugins Obtain the Kibana plug-in list.
InstallKibanaSystemPlugin Install the Kibana plug-in. The specification of Kibana must be 2-Core 4 GB or higher.
UninstallKibanaPlugin Uninstall the Kibana plug-in.