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CDN supports large file delivery, hybrid acceleration of dynamic and static content delivery, data transmission using non-standard protocols, programmable computing, and end-to-end IPv6. A wide range of CDN solutions developed based on practical experience are available for various business scenarios, such as application store downloads, e-commerce promotions, online education, financial security, social communication, game acceleration, and multimedia streaming.

Common Scenarios

Bursts of user requests on a website increase the downlink bandwidth consumption, overload the server, and result in slow response times. CDN provides more than 3,200 worldwide nodes and an intelligent scheduling system to give users to access a myriad of static resources cached on nearby nodes within milliseconds.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Generates fewer costs on downlink bandwidth than dedicated bandwidth. This effectively offloads bandwidth pressure on origin servers.

  • High-Performance: Adopts the distributed system architecture and provides high-performance Alibaba Cloud caching software to achieve high stability and efficiency.

  • Efficient Scheduling: Supports real-time monitoring of full data based on domain names and intelligent scheduling based on services.
Accelerates downloading, the delivery of large files, and on-demand streaming. Large files include MP4 files, FLV files, and files larger than 20 MB.
  • Reduced Back-to-Origin Costs: Works with Object Storage Service (OSS) to reduce up to 66.7% of back-to-origin costs.

  • High Performance: Adopts the distributed system architecture and provides high-performance Alibaba Cloud caching software to achieve high stability and efficiency.

  • Efficient Scheduling: Supports real-time monitoring of full data based on domain names and intelligent scheduling based on services.
Integrates audio and video uploading, automatic transcoding, and media resource management to provide an all-in-one acceleration solution for on-demand streaming. This helps build a secure, elastic, and highly customizable on-demand streaming platform or application.
  • Efficient, Automatic, and Professional Media Processing: Supports user-defined audio and video processing workflows, including the visualized configuration of transcoding, snapshots, and watermarks.

  • Access Control and Copyright Protection: Allows you to configure HTTP Referrer blacklist and whitelist and advanced URL signing to prevent leeches.

  • Smooth Playback without Stuttering: Provides high stability and high performance with a cache hit ratio higher than 95% and a response time within milliseconds.
CDN includes an audio and video livestreaming platform developed based on the industry-leading content access and delivery network with large-scale, distributed real-time transcoding technologies. CDN provides an all-in-one acceleration solution for media data storage, file segment transcoding, access authentication, and content delivery.
  • High Availability: Works with Auto Scaling to adjust the server bandwidth and handle burst traffic quickly.

  • Scalability: Works with ApsaraVideo Media Processing (MPS) to achieve high-speed, stable, and parallel transcoding. This allows you to run multiple transcoding tasks seamlessly.

  • Fast Video Decoding: Caches groups of pictures (GOPs) of frames on CDN edge nodes. This allows mobile playback clients to buffer the content quickly.


Global Infrastructure

Accelerate content on Alibaba Cloud, multi-cloud, and IDC and deeply integrated with cloud edge networks, providing more cost-effective content distribution.

Global Network
Covers over 70 countries and regions globally, with a total bandwidth exceeding 180 Tbps, making it the preferred choice for global businesses.
Precise Scheduling and Ultra-Fast Access
A precise and large IP database combined with automated scheduling capabilities can redirect requests to the optimal PoP, improving request performance.
Deep Integration with Alibaba Cloud Services
CDN can integrate with cloud services (such as OSS, real-time logs, and function computing), enhancing the efficiency of cloud services..
Stable and Efficient Edge Caching
Based on the cloud-based intelligent analysis, CDN can automatically select the optimal PoP, improve the edge cache hit rate, and reduce the load on the origin.

Comprehensive Acceleration Services

CDN allows you to accelerate text, games, downloads, videos, and other content and manage requesting rules for pages and origin.

Support for HTTP/3
HTTP/3 acceleration is based on the QUIC protocol for faster delivery. Learn about HTTP/3.
Sustainable Access
Supports HTTPS access, primary and secondary origin, access control, bandwidth capping, file consistency checking, and other functions, ensuring the availability of your websites.
Page Optimization
Provides resource compression, HTML optimization, and image processing capabilities and helps users access content effectively.
Compliance Certification
Comply with the third-level of defense, IPv6 certification, trustworthy cloud, and other certifications, providing secure acceleration.

End-to-End Monitoring and Analysis

A one-stop-shop for monitoring, alarms, site JS analysis, latency analysis, speed testing, and other tools that allow you to analyze data in real-time.

Log Analysis
Provides offline and real-time log analysis. You can customize analysis based on business needs and locate trends quickly.
Monitoring and Alarming
Integrates cloud monitoring, ARMS, and other products, provides frontend JS analysis, testing, and alarm capabilities, and locates root causes quickly.
Operational Reports
Provides reporting on PV/UV, topURL, and hot refer to help users understand their business.
Convenient Application
Provides cloud backup source and IP change notification to improve efficiency.

Efficient Self-Service DevOps

You can customize acceleration logic on our self-serve console with OpenAPI, Terraform, and programmable CDN capabilities.

Easy to Use
The self-serve console provides data monitoring, alarms, billing inquiries, and other functions to improve efficiency.
DevOps Management
You can manage cloud resources efficiently with our comprehensive OpenAPI and Terraform capabilities.
Programmable CDN
EdgeScript can automate CDN workflows with simple and easy-to-learn grammar, syntax, and functions. Learn about ES
Rule Engine
Customize conditions for core functions (such as cache configuration, authentication configuration, and custom acceleration policies), improving acceleration performance. Learn about the Rule Engine.

Customer Stories

CDN Industry Scenarios

Online Education Solution

Online Education Solution

Empowers learning experience by leading content delivery networks and widely distributed real-time transcoding technology

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Livestreaming for E-Commerce

Livestreaming for E-Commerce

Engage shoppers via a live shopping platform across social media, apps, and websites with high definition and low latency livestreaming capabilities

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Gaming Solutions

Gaming Solutions

Empower your business with agile game development, secure and fast global distribution and cost-effective operations.

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Sports Live+ Solution

Sports Live+ Solution

Apply Narrowband HD transcoding and video enhancement capabilities to achieve video graphic packaging, retransmission push flow, content management

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