Container Registry

A secure image hosting platform providing containerized image lifecycle management

Container Registry allows you to manage images throughout the image lifecycle. It provides secure image management, stable image build creation across global regions, and easy image permission management. This service simplifies the creation and maintenance of the image registry and supports image management in multiple regions. Combined with other cloud services such as Container Service, Container Registry provides an optimized solution for using Docker in the cloud.


Multiple Regions
Provides an intranet URL of the image repository for each region. You can visit this URL to download images without using traffic.
Image Security Status Scan
Allows you to easily scan the image security status and provides multi-dimensional vulnerability reports.
Stable Service Build Creation
Builds services automatically, in regions outside China, and in stages.
Seamless Integration with Cloud Services
Provides an easy Docker-based continuous integration and continuous delivery solution.


  • Fully Managed Service

    Easy operations allow you to quickly start using the service at low management and maintenance costs.

    Image Management

    Supports image management throughout the lifecycle.

    Multi-Region Support

    Provides the users from the Internet, the intranet, and VPC networks in different regions with image download URLs.

    Dedicated Mirror Accelerator

    Allows you to quickly obtain images outside China and in different operating systems.

  • Secure and Flexible

    Provides a secure private image management platform that supports the image security status scan and image sharing.

    Image Security Status Scan

    Provides automatic and manual scans on the image security status, and reports image vulnerabilities at different severity levels.

    Image Sharing

    Provides an all-round image permission management system that guarantees secure and convenient image sharing.

  • Integration with DevOps Tools

    Based on open-source technologies, Container Registry is compatible with all DevOps tools.

    Automatic Image Build Creation

    Container Registry allows the automatic build creation of images using a source code repository, such as Alibaba Cloud Code, Github, or Bitbucket.

    Automatic CI/CD

    Container Registry integrates with cloud services such as Alibaba Container Service, CodePipeline, and YunXiao, enabling continuous integration and continuous delivery.

  • Complete API and SDK

    You can customize the image management and perform extended development.

Common Scenarios

  • Containerized Application Continuous Delivery
Containerized Application Continuous Delivery

Containerized Application Continuous Delivery

Containerized Application Continuous Delivery

Integrated with Alibaba Cloud Container Service and CodePipeline, Container Registry automatically completes the DevOps process from code submission to application deployment. It supports image security status scans, and only delivers the scanned code to guarantee the application security. Container Registry replaces the traditional application development processes that feature slow iterations.


  • Automatic DevOps Process

    Enables the automatic DevOps process including code change, code build creation, image build creation, and application deployment.

  • Image Security Status Scans

    Multi-dimensional scans on the image security status guarantee the application security of enterprise uses.

  • Continuous Feedback

    Sends immediate feedback on each integration or delivery.

Integrations and Configurations

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