A quotation service that establishes stable, high-quality connections to exchanges all around the world at ultra-low latency. The service also features powerful computing capabilities and can process large amounts of trading data to produce indexes.

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Real-time Trade Data Manager

CloudQuotation obtains trading data feeds from leading capital markets worldwide and is directly connected through a dedicated leased line. It realizes the global service sharing of real-time market data for US and Hong Kong stocks based on the Alibaba Cloud Global Disaster Recovery Network System. The Alibaba Cloud Global Disaster Recovery Network System provides one-stop cloud market product services for global enterprises.

CloudQuotation meets the market data needs of different companies, provides applicable product versions, and empowers financial technology scenarios to upgrade domestic and international index market service data models.

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Contact us for a limited-time special offer: 25% off on connection fee for a year

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Quotations from a multitude of trading markets
CloudQuotation provides out-of-the-box services that allow you to obtain quotations from stock exchanges all around the world. It also provides you with the basic capabilities required to analyze historical and delayed quotations.
Instant computing on large amounts of data
CloudQuotation is built on top of Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, which are able to compute and process over 1.5 billion index data records per second.
Fast and reliable data transmission
CloudQuotation establishes direct connections between clients and data sources based on a proprietary combination of protocols. This reduces physical latency and packet loss, so CloudQuotation can push tens of millions of quotation data records per second.
High availability
CloudQuotation benefits from the enterprise-grade disaster recovery network of Alibaba Cloud that is distributed across the globe. This network provides you with various disaster recovery solutions, such as multi-zone deployment, local active-active, and geo-disaster recovery. These solutions allow you to ensure the stability and high availability of CloudQuotation.
Ultra-low investment
CloudQuotation is a one-stop quotation service that provides high scalability and efficiency at near-zero investments.
Data interfaces with unified technical standards
CloudQuotation provides a standard interface that is used to access different stock exchanges. CloudQuotation is flexible and scalable, and also supports phased releases. This allows you sufficient time to update your technologies, reducing the cost of system maintenance.
Comprehensive services
CloudQuotation supports access to stock exchanges. It provides a simple and convenient method for you to complete all the required processes including activating, applying for, reporting, and settling accounts for the services that you need.
Strict access control and data encryption for stable, secure services
CloudQuotation implements security measures such as authentication before logon, encryption, and cluster security management to protect data in transit from being stolen.


Global service sharing

CloudQuotation enables subsidiaries and affiliates of each global financial institution to share quotation services with each other. This facilitates the overall management of the institution and saves costs.

Comprehensive access control

CloudQuotation supports the recording of service usage and controls the access permissions on API operations at different organizational levels. CloudQuotation enables subsidiaries and affiliates of financial institutions to independently record the service usage. Financial institutions can record the overall service usage and apply for permissions on API operations on behalf of their subsidiaries and affiliates.

Refined service capabilities

CloudQuotation provides refined service capabilities that cater to different scenarios. These service capabilities are designed to meet diversified real-time quotation needs of institutional customers, such as securities firms, banks, private equity firms, trust companies, Internet information providers, and financial technology companies.

All-in-one portfolio of basic services

CloudQuotation computes, stores, and transmits market, quotation, and sector indexes that help traders and investors make informed decisions during pre-market, regular, and post-market trading sessions. CloudQuotation also provides a simple and convenient method for you to complete all the required processes including activating, applying for, reporting, and settling accounts for the services that you need.


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