Chat App Message Service

Reaching your customer worldwide with accuracy and efficiency through WhatsApp. The built-in chatbot module enables consistent and intelligent customer service ,improving customer experience and loyalty.

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Chat App Message Service is a messaging API created by Alibaba Cloud for global enterprises to reach and engage users efficiently. By using Chat App Message Service, you can:

Send Notifications
Send messages to notify your customers about specific information such as logistics information. Chat App Message Service can help improve the message arrival rate and reduce user complaints.
Implement Self-services
Set varieties of replies to help your customers resolve issues in a quick manner.
Implement OTP-based Identity Authentication
Authenticate your customers based on their social media accounts. So that your customers do not need to enter their passwords each time they log on to your business system. This helps improve the user experience of your business system.
Implement Customer Services
Implement two-way communication with your customers. By using Chat App Message Service, you can respond to your customers in real time.
Providing multi-language ability and realizing 7*24 hours multi-channel customer service.

Use Cases

Regardless of the industry, you can send verification, notification, and marketing messages to and receive messages from your customers by using the Chat App Message Service's messaging system. After you receive a message from a customer, a convenient and efficient conversation follows.


Efficient Information Transfer
Delivers messages to 2 billion mobile device users worldwide across operating systems and carriers. This ensures a high message delivery rate and message reading rate.

Valuable Communication
Provides diversified message types such as text, emojis, location, pictures, videos, audios, and applications. This ensures the accuracy of the message content and meets various communication needs. Communication is upgraded from unilateral communications to two-way interactions. This improves user stickiness and enables more in-depth communication in multiple business scenarios.

Low Cost
Provides easy-to-use APIs. You only need to know the specifications and functions of Alibaba Cloud APIs. You do not need to bother with the complex functional differences, policy differences, and technical deployment differences of the underlying platforms. You do not need to maintain a separate production environment for each platform. No extra cost is needed.

Feature Highlights

Fallback Strategy to Improve Reach Rate

If your message is not successfully sent via WhatsApp, the text message can fall back to SMS to send.

Ease of Integration

Supports mainstream programming languages such as Java, PHP, Python, and C# to ensure quick integrated development.

Real-time Status Report

Pushes the status of a message in real time. Message states include Sent, Delivered, and Read. This ensures the accuracy and efficiency of your business operations.

High Security and Stability

Provides business capabilities based on the security system of Alibaba Cloud to ensure high reliability and stability.

Intelligent Chatbot System

Visual configuration of FAQ, multi-round dialogue flow and casual chat; support integration with text to speech engine and audio speech recognition engine to realize audio interaction; Built-in operation tools such as dashboard module, data annotation module and test window module to optimize chatbot performance efficiently.

Multi-channel chatbot deployment

Supports easy integration across channels such as instant message platform, official website and APP ; Supports quick generation of IM interface based on our SDK so as to fully meet the differentiated needs of different channels.


Fast and Efficient User "Reach" Capabilities and Intelligent CPaaS Platform

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